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LETTER: Censure unnecessary

‘What is the Student Union?’ That is the response I receive nearly every time I bring up the topic of the Boston University Student Union to friends. I proceed to explain that it is the undergraduate student government here at BU. However, upon reflection of the most recent gaffe by Union President Matt Seidel to allow voting on motions even if quorum was not met, I have come to the realization that the Union does not actually govern anything. The reason the Union is not a successful body is because it has been in search of its identity ever since it was broken off from the Allocations Board and Programming Council. In the absence of an identity, it has been taken over by those who put their interests ahead of those they are supposed to represent.

The reason the Union has floundered year after year is the fact that so much time is wasted on the personal politics of the Union. I just wish the people involved would put their egos aside for two hours every two weeks and actually focus on what they are there for, which is to advocate for the students. Two weeks ago, Matt Seidel made a decision to ignore a rule so that motions could be voted on. I do not blame Matt Seidel for ignoring the rules on a few votes that were going to get passed anyway. Frankly, he was just trying to get something done. If two more people were actually at the meeting to vote, would it have actually been that big of a difference?

I would like to add that if Matt Seidel is in fact censured, I will resign my position as a voting member (I will continue to be involved, just not as a voting member). This is because it will officially mean the Union has succumbed to petty politics, which evidently takes precedence over its main goal which is to advocate for the student body. Even though President Seidel and I have not seen eye to eye on all issues, he is a great person and has only wanted the best for BU. I am asking all who are involved in the Union to put petty politics aside, and let’s accomplish some more good with what is left in the year.

Adam Korn

CGS ’09, SMG ’11

Voting Member Boston University

Student Union

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