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LETTER: No sympathy for fire starters

As a resident of 6 Buswell St., where last Friday’s fire took place, I feel almost obligated to write in and address some of the points made in Tuesday’s article on the fire (‘Students slept through fire, they say,’ Feb. 24). My main issue is with the way Boston University seems to be handling the gentlemen who lived in the room that started the blaze. I feel I have the perfect place to relocate these gentlemen to: out of BU Housing. They broke the rules and put the lives of other residents in danger. It most bothers me to read that these gentlemen, after smoking the hookah and throwing the ashes in the trash can, left the ashes in the apartment while their roommate slept. Did they not think about the safety of their roommate? Do they know nothing about how fires get started? These gentleman are clearly reckless, ignorant or both. While I am glad to hear they will no longer be living at 6 Buswell St., I fail to find sympathy for the fact they may no longer be able to live together. If anything, I feel that should be mandated in their punishment. It also does not bother me that they have to ask permission to come into the building and go to their old apartment; I would rather they not have any access here at all and just take their stuff and leave. The actions these gentlemen took put my life, the lives of my roommates and everyone else in this building in danger. I refuse to feel any sympathy for the consequences of their actions.

Gary Grasso
CAS ’09

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  1. Howard Simpson ENG 08

    I lived in 6 Buswell for THREE YEARS, some of my best (and worst) times were in those walls, but never did I feel my life was in danger. I am truly sorry you had to, but I totally agree with everything you said. Thanks for writing this.