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Goo Goo for GaGa

While some concert-goers were struggling to find their personal space among the general admission crowd, most were too busy getting their groove on to care.

Lady GaGa’s Fame Ball Tour took over the new House of Blues in Boston Monday night, getting local wannabe androids and GaGa super fans ‘-‘- or maybe those who wanted to just dance ‘-‘- on their feet.

Glam, glitter and the expected pants-less GaGa took the stage to showcase what she and her ‘haus’ could accomplish during there near hour-and-a-half set. All of their masquerading, pelvic thrusting and dance party-enabling abilities sent loads of fans into a gyrating frenzy.

With sky-high heels, leotards a-plenty, ultra-platinum lilac-blond fringed wig et al ‘-‘- the GaGa we all know and love ‘-‘- paraded about the stage in the same get ups that have propelled her to super stardom but keep her identifiably different from her peers.

While her reputation is due in large part to over-the-top choreography and ridiculous outfits, it is her ability to write her own material and engage the audience paired with a surprisingly better than pop-star quality voice that have earned GaGa the success of a sold-out tour. Sure, GaGa may have clawed her way through the set, literally, often on all fours or groping the stage and speakers, while motioning to the crowd lewd hand gestures or describing wildly explicit fantasies, but the girl has some pipes on her.

Taking stage like some sort of sci-fi porn star, the Lady romped around for most of her energetic, pump up songs, but showcased her wide vocal range with a slower version of her most recent chart topper, ‘Poker Face.’

Clad in a dress made out of bubbles (Google it, no description can do it justice) GaGa sat down to a clear piano (also filled with bubbles) to belt out the chorus, grouping her with the likes of actually talented pop princesses such as Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, not just some sex kitten or the Pussy Cat Dolls.

Either way, if her Boston performance was any indication what is to be expected in the future, or even just for the rest of her tour, make sure not to miss it. This is one pop tart who is sure to be around for as long as she can evade the Federal Communications Commission for frequent omissions such as ‘performing for you guys is like a good f—.’ Though she better be careful as she climbs the ranks to pop stardom, so as to avoid a Janet Jackson nip-slip sized scandal. Bad press with just one album under her belt would be detrimental to GaGa, whose only realistic threat would be having the pants sued off her by the FCC . . . but then again, she never wears any.

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