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Sargent Choice to give students more to choose from

Boston University students looking for healthy dining hall alternatives beyond the Sargent Choice Triple Berry Muffin will have more options next fall after the program’s participants cook up new ideas over the summer.

Along with Sargent Choice’s new slogan, ‘Outrageously healthy, exclusively BU,’ will come with healthy recipes, Sargent Choice program collaborator Sarah Butler said. Butler is planning a summer project with Kim Hannon, the executive residential dining chef for Dining Services.

‘Be on the look out next fall for brand new Sargent Choice recipes,’ Butler said.

Since 2004, Sargent Choice has offered healthy alternatives for students by replacing refined grains with whole grains, bringing more fruits and vegetables to dining halls, and offering other healthy options, according to its website.

‘The registered dietitians and graduate nutrition students at the BU Nutrition and Fitness Center are constantly working with executive chefs at BU Dining Services to create new Sargent Choice recipes that will appeal to students,’ Butler said.

Butler said Sargent Choice foods have to satisfy criteria for nutrition, taste, convenience and variety. The taste and experience criteria are based on the expertise of multiple award-winning executive chefs, she said.

‘We often hold tastings of new recipes, which include BU Dining services managers, BU Nutrition and Fitness Center dietitians and Sargent Choice student volunteers,’ she said.

Many students said they are excited about Sargent Choice’s new recipes because they do not think there are enough Sargent Choice options.

‘There’s usually only one Sargent Choice option in the dining hall, and it is never as appealing as the other options,’ College of Communication freshman Schyler Cain said. ‘I’d really love to see more options. I’m glad that they are changing the program.’

BU will also fund additional classes and counseling so students can learn how to eat healthier, according to the website.

BU New Media Associate Creative Director Jon Brousseau, who helped with the campaign, said the website is intended to educate people about Sargent Choice and increase awareness.

College of General of Studies freshman Annie Touley said she likes Sargent Choice because she is allergic to wheat and has more specific dietary needs than most students.

‘I just wish there was more than one section in the dining hall for Sargent Choice,’ Touley said.

Sargent Choice is based on U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Dietary Guidelines from 2005. The guidelines, which aim at preventing heart disease and promoting overall health, are updated every five years.

School of Management sophomore Nick Cummings said he does not particularly like Sargent Choice options because he thinks they often sacrifice taste for health.

‘I’m not really into the Sargent Choice scene,’ Cummings said. ‘But the stuff they have is pretty good.’

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