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Laid back Lily

Lily Allen’s reputation preceded her performance onstage at the House of Blues this past Sunday. Drifting and stumbling across stage in a dreamy way, the ever lackadaisical Allen stayed true to her controversial persona ‘-‘- the one her fans adore. Clad in a skimpy sailor’s outfit, thigh-high red socks and a Red Sox cap, Allen kept her act rolling with bits of Boston humor. Halfway through the show, to the utter amazement of the audience, Allen organized a baked bean-eating contest between two girls from the audience and humorously demanded that they ‘eat the f-ing beans!’ To top it off, she later changed into a short white dress with none other than an image of a giant red lobster adorning the front. Needless to say, comedy made a constant presence throughout the show, and when you’re with Lily Allen, it’s easy to be laid back.

As blunt as her lyrics, Allen introduced most of her songs with a quick bash to the male sex or a dedication to one person she loves: her mom. Since most of songs on her newest album deal with sex, drugs and fame, Allen did not miss an opportunity to light a cigarette onstage and share her bitterness over failed relationships and disappointing sexual experiences. Her frankness, though shocking, is equally as appealing and renders Allen the unique artist she is. During the song ‘F— You,’ Allen encouraged the audience to think of an ex-boy/girlfriend while waving middle fingers in the air to the chirpy rhythm.

Surprisingly, Allen’s voice was not as electronically-modified as that of other artists. The songs she sung with acoustic accompaniment sounded the best and that was also when her voice could be appreciated the most; however, when she belted out a high note, there was the occasional miss. Yet, even then, Lily Allen’s messiness and randomness is just her way of being honest. And honestly, what else can we ask for?

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