We here at The Daily Free Press are big fans of both wordplay and the 2009 Boston mayoral election. Finding ourselves unable to choose which we liked more, we decided to combine them into some headlines we could use during our mayoral series. Hope Yoon like it.

Sam Yoon reaches out to Boston’s homeless, those who weren’t born with silver Yoons in their mouths.

Greeting the troops in Iraq, Yoooon cranks that soulja boy.

Campaigning at local church, God must have spent a little more time on Yoon.

Yoon purchases deed to BU, changes name to Boston Yooniversity

Yoon makes contribution to College of General Studies arts department, donates craYoons

If loses mayoral race, Yoon pledges to run for BU Student Yoonion VP

DFP staff gets ravenous appetite following mayoral coverage, heads to YoonBurger for dinner, then shares Menino&m McFlaherry from McCreanolds for dessert.

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