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It is very troubling that your newspaper published a story regurgitating the false claims made by Wendy Kaminer about the ACLU without even affording our organization an opportunity to respond or to correct the record. Ms. Kaminer’s accusations about both the American Civil Liberties Union Board and its John Adams Project, as reported by The Daily Free Press, are completely inaccurate.

?Executive Director Anthony Romero has the enthusiastic support of the ACLU’s Board. He has done an outstanding job of growing the organization and expanding its reach, all the while keeping it committed to core civil liberties principles. We remain confident, and the record clearly shows, that the governance and board oversight of the ACLU are consistent with the organization’s principles and are ethically sound. It is the ACLU’s institutional integrity that has allowed us to take consistently principled stands in defense of civil liberties for nearly 90 years and will ensure our ability to defend the rights of all Americans for years to come.

?Furthermore, the funding and management of the ACLU’s John Adams Project are completely sound, both ethically and fiscally. The Board and staff of the ACLU are extremely proud of this joint effort with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. We stepped in to work with military defense lawyers at Guantanamo Bay to infuse some sense of fairness and accountability into these unconstitutional and shameful proceedings that have been a scar on our nation at home and abroad.

?The ACLU fully supports freedom of the press.? We hope that you will make a better effort at complete and fair reporting in exercising that freedom in the future.

Susan Herman
President, American Civil Liberties Union

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