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‘ I was both pleased and troubled by your recent articles regarding the quarantining of students with possible Swine Flu in Danielsen Hall. I am glad that The Daily Free Press has investigated the issue and brought it into the public eye; but as a resident of Danielsen Hall and a student in this university, I must take issue with the university’s policy.

‘ ‘ ‘ My first point of contention with the university’s plan is that it is poorly conceived. Their stated goal is to ensure the flu does not spread on campus. If this is the case, why are students with symptoms not placed in true isolation, in a special brownstone or similar accommodation? Danielsen Hall is home to over 250 students; everyone who lives there shares common areas and amenities.?Collecting possible flu cases in our residence exposes the entire population to infection. I doubt residents of Myles Standish Hall or Shelton Hall would be especially receptive to an isolation floor, either. ?Any plan that involves isolating students in a large residence hall is an ineffectual one.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ The bigger issue with this policy is administrative transparency. ?The Boston University administration did not deem it necessary to inform me and my fellow residents that potential flu cases would be moved into our residence hall. ?Further, had The Daily Free Press not exposed this policy to the public, the administration would not have disclosed it. In fact,?they have stated that they will not announce any future isolation policies. This is unacceptable. How are we supposed to observe proper precautionary measures to ensure our own health and prevent an outbreak of the flu on campus if we are not informed of potential risks? As a Danielsen Hall resident, those risks are being brought to my door. I had held an expectation that the university was concerned about my well-being. This policy, and the way that the administration has chosen to implement it, seems to suggest otherwise.

John J. Bavlsik

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