Corrections, Opinion


In a news story Wednesday, Sept. 16 (‘Advisory panel seeks FDA approval for male Gardasil,’ p. 1) it was incorrectly stated that a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended a new vaccine for men against human papillomavirus. The FDA advisory panel backed the existing Gardasil vaccine for women to also be administered to men.

In a news story Tuesday (‘Boston politics tend to ignore student demographic, students say,’ p. 1) it was incorrectly stated that students can register to vote in Mass. even if they are already registered in another state. Citizens may only register to vote in one state in which they have established residency. It was also incorrectly stated that state law only requires six months of residency to be eligible to register in Mass. To legally register, students must establish and prove ‘physical presence’ in their community with particular evidence, such as the amount of time spent in various places, former residences and voter registrations, future plans, income taxes, bank accounts and telephone listings. Students interested in details of the policy should contact the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

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