Now that Sam Yoon and Kevin McCrea, bless their hearts, are out of the 2009 mayoral race, they’ll have some more time on their hands. Here are some things they could do with it:

Sam Yoon can become SuperYoon and save all of the young people dying in the streets.

Kevin McCrea can now spend seven days a week in schools instead of just a paltry one.

Both candidates can now safely delete their emails.

Either candidate can deliver food to isolated sick students in Danielsen Hall — since no one else will.

Kevin McCrea can serve as Thomas Menino’s translator, to ‘highlight’ Menino’s ‘deficiency.’

Or, he can become Transparency Man, sneak into Menino’s ‘backroom deals,’ and then exploit them without being seen.

Both candidates can come to The Daily Free Press and write Interrobang, because we certainly aren’t funny enough.

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