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Moby bodyrocks the House of Blues

Dropping in at the House of Blues Thursday night, Moby played to a crowd just as eclectic as his back catalog.

The night began with the mellow-trance tones of ‘Baby Boom’ and three other songs, including a pre-release sample by one of his band-mates, Kelli Scarr.

Blending with the tones of the night, the House of Blues was enshrined in flashes of blue, purple, and green to match Moby’s rhythm.

Bursting onto stage, Moby promptly broke the ice by whipping the crowd into a sliding and shaking uproar with upbeat progressive, quick percussion hits, piano backing and strong vocal notes of songs like ‘Bring Sally Up’ and ‘Bodyrock,’ only to douse the crowd with short downtempo breaks from such beats as ‘Porcelain’ and the piano-backed ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad.’ His set also included hits such as ‘We Are All Made of Stars,’ ‘South Side,’ and ‘Extreme Ways.’

Moby also tested out new songs from an upcoming album on the audience, stating he would either shelve or release them as a result of the crowd’s reaction.

Aside from just hitting up the greats for change and trying entirely new songs on his puppet-crowd, Moby brought additional fluidity into his performance with short, abrupt, comedic statements about his own songs and the post-apocalyptic futures from which he envisioned them or what band riffs he stole them from (so don’t sue him).

Throughout the night, space between songs was repeatedly punctured with the ‘thankyou, thankyou, thankyouthankyou’ of a new-age Elvis. As quickly as he appeared on stage, he was gone, romping into the dark temple backroom of the House of Blues, evaporating without a word.

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