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Admin. Halloween warning reasonable, students say

Many Boston University students said they agreed with the email sent out Wednesday by Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore and BU Chief of Police Thomas Robbins cautioning students about celebrating Halloween safely.

‘ Students said the email was realistic because it acknowledged that students would still drink alcohol this upcoming weekend, but warned them about making smart decisions while doing so.

‘It is important that safety is addressed,’ College of Arts and Sciences sophomore James Boggie, Student Union city affairs director, said. ‘Nobody wants to see bad things happen to people on Halloween.’

The email said Halloween is a time to celebrate, but urged students to make personal safety and responsibility their highest priorities.

‘ ‘We ask you to make reasonable decisions for yourself and to act in a way that is responsible: actions that preserve your personal integrity,’ the email said.

BU spokesman Colin Riley said the email was sent out because students have been making bad decisions regarding alcohol this semester.

‘ ‘The last thing we want is to end up putting your life in danger or end up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning,’ he said.’

‘ Boston Police Department spokesman Officer Eddy Crispin said BPD deploys additional units on certain streets that are ‘a little darker than others’ to make people feel safer.

‘ ‘We generally have extra units out where young kids are trick-or-treating for safety measures,’ he said.

‘ On campus, members of judicial affairs will be handing out information, Riley said.

‘I just hope people take it to heart,’ he said. ‘Bad things happen when people put themselves at risk and consume alcohol beyond their ability or experience.’

‘Stay smart; have a great time; look after yourself and your friends; and be safe,’ the email said as a final reminder.

‘ CAS freshman Ari Bloom said the BU administration had a good message.

‘I think [the email] was helpful and realistic,’ Bloom said.’

‘ Some students, such as Sargent College sophomore Danielle DiMarco, said they don’t plan on going out to celebrate this year because of Halloween rowdiness.

‘ ‘Halloween is too hyped up on college campuses,’ DiMarco said.

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  1. Glad to see advice about “over-partying”….Do you think something awful can’t happen to you or your friends?…<br/>Did you know the students who died in the fire at Aberdeen St. did extra drinking because it was someone’s birthday that week? <br/>It’s not worth the risk, everyone. It hurts too much to lose someone like RHIANNON MCCUISH. <br/>Be careful! Think of another way to have fun…there are many…be creative!<br/>R.I.P. (((((Rhiannon))))) We miss you…