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It’s Not Hard Livin’ When You Have Railroad Earth to Console You

An enthusiastic crowd gathered last Friday night to hear Railroad Earth play the first of their two-night stand at the Paradise Rock Club.’ Prepared with violin solos, spontaneous jams and bluegrass grooves, Railroad Earth didn’t disappoint.

The first set dove into a fast-paced fusion of bluegrass and rock with ‘Cold Water’ off of their first album The Black Bear Sessions (Bos Music). Not to be stuck in one genre, the string band flowed from saxophone solos by band member Andy Goessling, to raw harmonies, angelic vocals and hard percussion.

During the second set RRE played favorites from their 2008 album Amen Corner (SCI Fidelity) including ‘Been Down This Road’ and ‘Right In Tune.’ However, the true highlight of the night came in the encore.’ Railroad Earth enchanted fans with a soul-wrenching performance of ‘Hard Livin’,’ another song off their 2008 album. The tune created such an emotional release that the audience continued applauding and yelling in delight long after the lights came on.’

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