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Super Mash Bros. Make It Rain

‘I want you to break something,’ band manager Ethan Dawes ordered into a microphone, ‘Except for the girls in front.’

Girls ‘-‘- that man may have saved your lives.

Saturday night at Boston University’s George Sherman Union, Nick Fenmore and Dick Fink of Super Mash Bros. had two sold-out shows in one night and inspired their 1800 fans to keep their rumps shaking.

Out of nowhere, show opener ‘Future Dads (Platinum Edition)’ was held for a few moments while Fenmore asked, ‘Is it anybody’s birthday? Whose birthday is it?’ Some people looked around, a few people stopped dancing and pretty much everyone looked confused. All of a sudden, the full blast of 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ catalyzed a full-on dance floor rage.

This was unfortunate for some girls in the front row. By the looks on their faces, they didn’t like feeling incapable of moving or breathing due to the massive crowd behind them. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a choice.

The personality of the Super Mash Bros. is consistent to all of their mash-ups. They’re cool, cheesy and uncomfortably sexy at the same time. It’s shameless, but they want it to be. They sound like a Happy Meal that comes with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and the toy is replaced with obscenities and wrapped in nostalgia. They tend to let their samples breathe. They don’t allow them to become unrecognizable beats that sound over-processed. That said, each sample is still short enough to satiate even the worst case of music attention deficit disorder.

Off-stage, Fenmore and Fink are just two chill guys from California. On-stage, they have the ability to make two sold-out shows packed with people dance for as long as they dictate. Not only was their energy completely contagious, but their mash-ups totally killed it.

You can expect them to mix rap, 90s hits, Top 40 guilty pleasures and whatever indie music has been popular as of late. Their sound is tailored for a 90s kid on ecstasy who just wants to dance. Listen to any random 30-second clip from their set and you will have sloppy flashbacks from your prom night, feel your first slow dance, experience your favorite summer and break your heart all over again.

When J.U.S.T.I.C.E. took the lead in ‘I F—ing Bleed Purple And Gold,’ the air became electric with emotion. At another point, there was a friendly mash-battle between Fenmore and Fink that was set to Quad City DJ’s ‘Space Jam.’ It’s hard to go wrong with ‘Space Jam.’

A huge crowd-pleaser is a new Super Mash Bros. mash-up with Miley Cyrus’s ‘Party in the U.S.A.,’ which they integrated into ‘Kisses and Thugs.’ As the intro to her song played on its own, the unedited version of the chorus from David Banner’s ‘Play’ came in on top, and the resulting effect was a conversation between one raunchy David Banner and one partying Miley Cyrus.

Finally, when Miley sings about that Jay-Z song being on, the DJs blessed the mash-up with the rapper’s ’99 Problems.’ It was smart, it was funny and it was definitely the best of the night.

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