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I cry, you cry, we all cry for The Script

For a four-man band from Ireland, with just two radio singles under their belt in the United States, you’d think The Script would have a hard time filling a venue as large as the House of Blues. Instead, the former-Irish-boy-banders turned rockers did just the opposite.

Don’t let these boys’ past experience fool you; the band showed nothing but pure musicianship as they took the stage Friday night for the last show of their American tour. The band played an impressive, but simple set, lasting just an hour, to a sold-out crowd.

There were no fancy covers or crazy tricks, just a run through of their debut album, The Script, but it was more than enough.

As if fans weren’t already in a frenzy from frontman Danny O’Donnoghue’s brogue, a slew of screaming women nearly lost it by the third song when the band started to play ‘We Cry.’

The remainder of the set went off without a hitch. The asymmetrical set up of their instruments lent itself to the three vocalists. The lead singer and keyboardist, O’Donnoghue, with the lead guitar Mark Sheehan and drummer, Glen Power, singing back ups. The band decided to forgo the traditional set up with the drumset back and center, and opted instead for the bassist to hold down the fort.

A few sing-a-longs, some screeching fans adorned with the Irish flag and a handful of funny, little anecdotes later, the band made sure to throw in their two hit songs, ‘Breakeven’ and ‘Man Who Can’t Be Moved.’

O’Donnoghue then jumped into the audience only to be mobbed by fans. While the crowd went wild, O’Donnoghue struggled to finish the song and had to have a security guard lift him back onto the stage.

The band joked about hi tting every pub in town the night before and even confessed to looking forward to Boston for months while on tour. As if that wasn’t enough evidence of their love for the city, O’Donnoghue wore an Irish flag across his back with ‘BOSTON’ written on it in electrical tape during the entirety of the band’s encore.

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