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La Roux proves irresistible

The crowd at the Paradise had a case of ginger fever on Sunday night as British electropop duo La Roux took to the stage for the opening night of its U.S. tour.

The duo &- comprised of singer Elly Jackson and producer Ben Langmaid &- is perhaps most widely recognized for Jackson’s flaming red coiffe, which was just as impressive on stage as it is in music videos.

But hair aside, it was all about the music on Sunday night as Jackson breezed through a 45-minute set that highlighted the band’s 2009 self-titled debut.

Opening with the track “Tigerlily” before getting to fan favorites including “I’m Not Your Toy,” “In For The Kill” and the hit single “Bulletproof,” La Roux only left out a few slower tracks from its album.

Flanked by a three-piece “band,” including a keyboardist, DJ and a drummer (who looked more like a robotic Swedish supermodel than a drummer), the music seemed mostly pre-programmed, but it was Jackson’s stage presence and precise vocals that carried the show &-&- even when a fan decided to jump on stage.

“Nobody else try that or I’ll f—-ing knock you out,” Jackson joked after the mishap. Apparently she’s not entirely bulletproof after all.

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