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Martay gets active

Gabriella Martay Williams, or Martay, as her fans know her, is nobody special. She lives to be forgotten, hoping to be remembered only for her message. This communiqué, emanating out through the soothing synthesizer melodies of her rap and R&’B tracks, aims to elevate her Celestial King, God.

On Feb. 4, Martay launched her first EP, ACTIVATE, which includes six original songs: “Activate,” “Hey, Hey,” “Givin’ It Up,” “I Need You” and “You In Me.”

One of the tracks on her new EP, “Audience of One allows her to forget about the pressure of performance, bringing her back to reality, and reminding her that she only strives to please God.

The album’s release “means that it still benefits to dream, still benefits to pray, still benefits to be unique in American society,”Martay said.

Although this is her first EP, Martay has performed in Nashville and at Boston University’s annual Parents’ Weekend. She has also performed at a few other conferences and shows.

A California native, she now makes her home in Boston. A junior at BU’s School of Management, she maintains what could be considered a second identity as Martay outside of the rigors of the SMG core curriculum.

Martay remains faithfully optimistic about her future economic success as an artist. Doubts of stability do not plague the artist in this tumultuous economy, which has not been so friendly to the recording industry. Though currently an independent artist, she has a private sponsor who has greatly supported her music.

“No matter what industry you’re in and how bad the economy is, people are always looking to invest in something that seems promising and of good quality. I’ve bumped heads with many people that want to get on my team and help me produce, market and fund this musical ministry,” Martay said.

Martay’s raw vocal quality exhibits a strong soulful voice never trained or touched by vocal coaches. In the midst of struggles, she said lyrics seemed to write themselves, transforming into songs as she jotted notes or prayers on paper.

Listeners who love techno, dance, pop or R&’B music will delight in Martay’s jams. She delivers a sound similar to the vocal layering of Rhianna, Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Martay echoes the rap and pop stylings of Jay Sean, Pussy Cat Dolls and Chris Brown. Her new EP attracts an expansive audience, with synthesizer melodies, vocal mixing, heavy beats and talented rappers laying down clear background beats in Spanish and English.

As an artist, she said her inspiration comes from Jesus Christ.

“I grew up in a rough family situation when I was younger,” Martay said. “My family wasn’t religious and neither was I. I didn’t want to get to know Jesus at first, but I was hurting and I needed a real friend. Jesus got me through my worst times. He’s my inspiration, my hope, the basis of everything I do.”

Martay digs many Indie artists, as well as old school music from Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis and the Temptations.

The EP, ACTIVATE, will be available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Myspace and many more digital download sites for $5. Physical copies can be acquired by e-mailing

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