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Top Dogs

Spirits were high at the Paradise Tuesday night when Dr. Dog took the stage. The roar from the crowd intensified as the band crossed the stage and picked up their instruments, poised and ready to dole out the sweet harmonies and good times.
Opening with the always beautiful “Stranger” and going on to play a set comprised of songs mostly from their most recent album, Shame, Shame, (such as “Jackie Wants a Black Eye” &’ “Mirror, Mirror”) which translates seamlessly from studio to stage. Dr. Dog created a show with extremely high energy, tight three-part harmonies, and a mesmerizing light show that was great fun for both the audience and themselves.
Their catchy songs and rhythmic stage presence is entrancing, making the hour and a half set fly by, which left the pulsing audience begging for more. The quirky Philadelphia-based band is well known for what people consider the return of classic sounds like those of The Beatles and the Beach Boys. Their layered songs were brought to life on stage, lending new significance to some of their more hauntingly beautiful songs.
It’s no surprise that this band sold out their two-night stint in Boston. Behind their oversized sunglasses, adorable flannel shirts and off-beat hats remains a talented and innovative band with a unique sound that can’t be beat. The concert was an extraordinary example of the musical ability and talent of the group as well as their ability to love what they do.

It was clear from their sheepish smiles after the encore, as the audience roared, that the true pleasure for Dr. Dog is in their performing. It’s both refreshing and exciting to see a show with such passion and emotion both from the band itself and the audience around you. In a mess of colored stage lights, Dr. Dog shone brightest.

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