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Q&A with Tobacco

This year, Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tobacco upped the ante with the release of Maniac Meat, an even dirtier exploration of psyched-out beats and sludgy synths than his first solo album. On Saturday, Tobacco will take the stage at the Middle East Downstairs, armed with analog equipment and a plethora of weird old-school video footage. The MUSE got the chance to ask Tobacco a few questions via email.

<strong>The MUSE: Do you have a favorite recent equipment find?</strong>

Tobacco: I've been putting a suitcase modular together. Rob Lowe from Lichens got me all

psyched on what they can do, so all summer, I've been slowly building it.

<strong>M: How do you choose the videos you play during your live show, such as the old

gymnastics clips?</strong>

T: These days, it's whatever looks the most awkward and out of place. They've got to be

unintentionally layered with gross s--t that didn't seem gross when they were made.

<strong>M: Do you think the dirtier, more hip-hop sound you've explored with Tobacco will

bleed into Black Moth Super Rainbow's sound?</strong>

T: I can't imagine working with BMSR any time soon, so no.

<strong>M: Are you working on more Tobacco material?</strong>

T: I've got my sights set on other things these days, but I really like touring like this,

and I'm finally happy with a record I've made, Maniac Meat, so any of the work I put

into music now goes into Tobacco.

<strong>M: You collaborated with Beck on your last album, but only via email. What was

the process like? Did he have any influence on the songs other than providing vocals?</strong>

T: It was like Christmas morning opening his vocals in my inbox. I totally trusted

whatever he was going to do, so I didn't wanna give him any ideas to taint that. He

did all the vocal processing along with the vocals, so they came to me packaged and

ready to go.

<strong>M: Are you working with any other artists right now, or are there any you'd like to work


T: I've got this rap companion to Maniac Meat coming out soon that I made at the same

time as that record. Other than that, not working with anyone, but not really

working at all!

Don't miss Tobacco's trippy live show on Saturday. Dreamend and Junk Culture open.

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