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We’re living for the weekend just like everyone else, but sometimes at The MUSE we need a little extra help getting through the grind until Friday. Here’s a compilation of some things we’re looking forward to and some things we can’t get out of our heads as the weekend arrives.

Leah Roh, Blog Contributor

1. Dr. Dog. You can call them indie-rock, psychedelic rock or pop-rock. You can call them “a cross between The Beatles and The Beach Boys” such as iTunes did on their review of their most recent album Fate, but whatever genre you label this band, you cannot deny their talent. My favorite Dr. Dog songs are “Shadow People,” “My Old ways” (do not listen to the Chiddy Bang’s remix of this song) and their cover of Architecture in Helsinki’s “Heart it Races.” Dr. Dog is currently on tour with The Head and the Heart and will be performing at the Paradise Rock Club next month, so look for me at the front of the line.


2. Big dubstep artist Skream is most likely known for his remix of La Roux’s “In for the Kill,” which was in the commercial for the videogame Bayonetta. The song is personally not a favorite solely because he has produced better songs. He recently released a new single with electronic artist Example called “Shot Yourself in the Foot Again.” If you like short and simple vocals over some dirty and filthy grime, this song is just for you.


Steven Church, Music Editor

1. Beyonce – “Single Ladies” (Motown Remix): The age of remixes is incredible. By simply switching up the backing instrumental track, a song’s meaning can change entirely. But at the same time, remixes reveal odd threads in common between modern and classic music. This remix of “Single Ladies” proves that songs aren’t bound to a certain decade or generation – they exist for everyone to enjoy forever. The single ladies of the 60s and today can agree on that.


  1. Colbert Report: Just in time for Grammy season. Stephen Colbert invited The Black Keys and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend on to his show to contend for his Grammy vote (Colbert is a Grammy award-winner, after all). What ensues is commercially-fueled, sell-outathon of epic proportions. Enjoy.—grammy-vote—dan-auerbach–patrick-carney—ezra-koenig

Lucien Flores, Blog Contributor

  1. The Inaugural Broadcast of “Diversity in the Workplace” – First off, what is “Diversity in the Workplace” you ask. Well, it’s my fancy new radio show on WTBU from 2-4pm on Fridays. The first show is early Friday afternoon and you should tune in because it just may be the best two hours of radio you’ll ever hear. Hyperbole over.

  2. BU v. BC Hockey Game at Agganis Arena (Friday – 7:30 PM)– Every BU student should make it to at least one rivalry game. The Terriers have slumped since their explosive start, but the game should still be entertaining. There are some future NHLers on these two squads and they’ll be playing their hearts out on Friday night.

  3. Double Feature at Metcalf (Saturday – 8PM) – They’ll be showing The Town and Social Network at Metcalf and considering that I have yet to see either of these Boston-based movies and am still nursing a fractured foot, the Double Feature sounds like a great way to relax and enjoy some great flicks.

Also, I’ve been listening to Wilco’s “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” on repeat this week. I really don’t know why that is, but it is a great song. Listen away.


Julia Butler, Film Editor

Film Update!

Despite the fact that most of the entertainment world spent the week freaking out about Ricky Gervais’ gig as Golden Globes host, it’s also been a big week for Anne Hathaway.  Even though she didn’t take home a statue at the Golden Globes last Sunday, she did manage to snag herself two roles with a lot of buzz behind them in less than three days. First, Warner Brothers announced on Wednesday morning that Hathaway has been officially cast as Selina Kyle in the third (and supposed final) Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. For those of you not as well-versed in Batman lore, Selina Kyle is the slightly more mild-mannered alter ego of the infamous Catwoman. And as if that wasn’t enough, GLEE showrunner and co-creator Ryan Murphy confirmed this week that Hathaway was going to be making an appearance as (spoiler alert!) the long-lost lesbian aunt of Glee’s cherubic Kurt. Hathaway actually created her own role, telling Late Night host Jimmy Fallon about her idea back in November – the same idea she successfully pitched to Ryan Murphy at the Globes on Sunday. I wish it was that easy for me to land a role on TV.

Dan Rys, MUSE editor

1. Marvin Gaye sings the National Anthem: It’s not like you get to see a Motown legend completely revamp our nation’s most patriotic ode every day. It really only happened once, and should probably stay that way for a while yet. Once the master has done it, what’s left? I give this one to you with a tagline – “The National Anthem – Better Than Hendrix.”


2. Kid Cudi – “Erase Me”: I know I know, this song came out a while ago, but it’s proving impossible for me to forget. From McLovin’s ridiculous role as Kid Cudi’s drummer to the Rock Band chorus to Kanye’s… well, rather forgettable verse, this song must be tired by now from all the time it’s spent rattling around in my head. Maybe if I listen one more time it’ll be enough…


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