Daily Flood Press

Photo frog, The Daily Free Press’ beloved friend and snuggle companion, is dirty, cold and alone.

Scratchy couch, a piece of furniture that has been with The FreeP for ages (since the old office!), is soaked.

Oh yeah, and the newsroom looks like a hurricane hit it.

All this is the result of The FreeP flood which occurred around 11 a.m. Feel free to call us The Daily Flood Press. The Daily Free Disaster. Whatever floats your boat (See what I did there?)

The FreeP staff shares close quarters in the aftermath of the flood. Photo credit Saba Hamedy

It all began when Val, our office manager, left Josh (the Editor-in-Chief) a frantic voicemail: “Oh my God it’s coming from everywhere!”

She heard loud noises from the newsroom and quickly ran in only to find the ceiling tiles were falling and water was everywhere.

When a pipe burst, the chaos began.

Fortunately, BU Maintenance helped clean up the mess the pipe explosion left behind.

Unfortunately, the office is unusable.

Furniture piled high in the soaked newsroom. Photo credit Saba Hamedy

So when the time came to put together a newspaper, the E-Board gathered in the back room (normally used for just Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief/meeting purposes) and attempted to make a paper (check out today’s issue! Dedicated to the FreeP Flood ‘11).

But in all the chaos, one thing kept us all going: FreeP Love.

RIP photo computer, photo frog, scratchy couch.

You’ll be missed.

  • Saba Hamedy, Managing Editor

Our office manager's note on the whiteboard: "I survived." Photo credit Saba Hamedy


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