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Effects of bath salts comparable to drugs such as LSD, ecstasy, PCP

Some states recently classified bath salts as Schedule I drugs after they were found to cause hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and death.

In most states, bath salts are legally sold at convenience stores, gas stations and head shops. Though they are generally used for their cosmetic purposes, bath salts contain a chemical known as methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), which is also found in some plant fertilizers and is known for its stimulatory properties.

The salts are not designated for human consumption, yet there have been hundreds of reported incidents of users snorting, smoking and even injecting the substances, according to a Feb. 14 American Association of Poison Control Centers press release.

Poison control centers across 43 states have received 469 calls regarding users who have ingested the bath salts.

Side effects of ingesting the salts, which have been compared to methamphetamine and cocaine, include increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, agitation, hallucinations, extreme paranoia and delusions, according to the press release.

“These products create a very severe paranoia that we believe could cause users to harm themselves or others,” said Mark Ryan, the director of the Louisiana Poison Control Center, in a press release.

Louisiana has reported at least 165 cases of bath salt consumption.

“If you take the very worst of some of the other drugs–LSD and Ecstasy with their hallucinogenic-delusional type properties, PCP with extreme agitation, superhuman strength and combativeness, as well as the stimulant properties of cocaine and meth-if you take all the worst of those and put them all together this is what you get. It’s ugly,” Ryan said to HealthDay News.

Last month, Neil Brown, a man who admitted to using heroin and crack cocaine, was shocked at the bath salts’ effects, according to an article in the Huffington Post.

Brown, a Mississippi resident, consumed the bath salts and then used his skinning knife to cut his face and abdomen. While he survived, Brown was so traumatized by the incident that he wrote Mississippi lawmakers asking them to ban the substance.

Louisiana has had similar incidents, with some cases resulting in suicides. Because of the prevalence and danger of the salts, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal classified the bath salts as Schedule I drugs in early January, meaning that buying, selling or possessing the salts would carry the same penalty as heroin.

Florida followed suit by banning the salts in late January, while other states such as Kentucky and Mississippi are moving toward banning the substance as well.

So far the abuse of bath salts has largely been contained in the southern and western regions of the U.S. However, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is asking the New York State Department of Health Commissioner, Nirav Shah, to ban the salts as well.

The regional poison control center for Massachusetts and Rhode Island could not be reached for comments.

Boston University students said they agree that abusing bath salts is uncommon and not as serious as legislators assume.

“I think it’s weird,” said Justin Liu, a College of Arts and Sciences sophomore. “I don’t know why you would want to snort bath salts, but I guess people snort a lot of other things too.”

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    • I love drugs. After I read that bath salts get you high I tried eating some but they tasted horrible like perfume or shampoo. I wound up mixing some with water and drinking it. All bath salts do is give you a bad stomachache and make you throw up foam. It’s a fraud.

      • U are an idiot

      • Yeah… they are horrible. I am taking care of a patient who ingested some salts and now his intestines are dying and he is passing them in his stool. It’s an awful thing to witness a 24 year old young man crapping out his own organs. DO NOT USE BATH SALTS.

      • this is your classic idiot lookin for a high. hes too stupid to know that eating will cause a different effect. they’re are called bath SALTS. what does saltwater do when u drink it? idiot!

        • the thing is why do our officials keep banning and banning every thing that some people decided to try and be stupid with we have to suffer for it ..I don’t care about bath salts since i don’t use them but i am sure others do .. i mean what if drinking ketchup got you high as long as you consumed 16 oz or more( please no one try this i do not believe ketchup will do this hehe) they even try to ban ketchup i am storing gallons of it and will chain myself to them if need be.. lol.
          seriously though I wonder is it concern for public safety or is it more a control issue ..there are other substances that cause far far more deaths and yet are perfectly legal, maybe its fine as long as there is plenty of money to be made..but whatever ban away i guess is the theme lately..

        • I would have never thought a girl way of relaxing by taking bath salt could get you high wow I am going home an trashing all mine so my baby’s don’t get it

          • not all bath salts work, they are a drug that is labeled as bath salts, when in reality they arn’t bath salts.

  2. Two days ago my nephew died after using bath salts. I’d never heard of doing anything but soaking in them so I looked it up and found medical info and this. Obviously your drinking it allowed the stomach to act on it but snorting it or injecting it into the blood stream must be what gives it the full effect. DON”T BE MISTAKEN! My nephew threw himself through a glass window, ran naked through a parking lot, and threw himself into a drainage ditch. They tried to keep him alive for almost an hour at the hospital after someone had called 911 right away. His heart and breathing were compromised. He was 34; it didn’t have to happen. Please don’t use this stuff; it has some of the same ingredients as plant food!!!

  3. Please do not try bath salts….as we speak a very dear friend of mine is being taken to the hospital……. he has been doing bathsalts for a month and he doesnt go to work and is sooooo paranoid ….he thinks someone is trying to kill him…. this stuff is very addictive…… DO NOT TRY THEM……I hope my friend doesn’t die……… He is 40 years old….college graduate……good job…….now his life is shit…….. DO NOT DO BATH SALTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS BAD AS METH>>>>>>>>

    • I understand.the guy on my block i know very well is on this and he thinks cops are spying on him and he goes crazy..he will take your phone if you have it out in front of him and wont give it back…the sad part is the cops wont do nothing

  4. My 20 year old daughter was admitted to a crisis program this week after doing bath salts – The change in her appearance and behaviour was very noticable. At first I thought she was losing weight due to beginning work at a new job….no so! Quickly her face become marked with sores and she constantly attacked it with picking at the sores….her movements while using were disjointed, erractic and she had the appearance of a bobblehead doll only a bobble head body! She seems to have no memory of this… My heart is breaking for her and the decisions she is making. My heart is also breaking for me to think I may be loosing my daughter to drug abuse that I cannot stop her from choosing. This could be a slow suicide and when the “child” is over 18 the parent looses many of the rights to advocate for them. This drug is DANGER in sheep’s clothing!

  5. I strongly disagree. I have taken a bath salt pill called “triple stalks” more than once. It is NOT the triple stack ecstasy i bought it in a liquor store. It has almost the same affect of ecstasy but not quite as strong. I had absolutly no problems with it. I didnt see things, I didnt throw up. It was GREAT. One of the best feelings in the world. The only thing is that you feel not as good the next morning. Its like a hangover. Its not bad its the same as drinking too much the night before. If you put yourself in a good enviroment with good people and are safe about it. No driving under the high, no drinking alcohol while taking it, dont mix it with any other substance, and you drink lots of water and have the fan on so your body doesnt get too hot, then you will be perfectly fine. Alot of these kids who “die from bath salts” have also mixed it with other things and have a regular pattern of illegal substances. That has a big role on it. If kids werent being so stupid enough to mix it with other things, then there wouldnt be these 911 calls or problems, and it wouldnt be looked down upon. Its like if you mix alcohol with cocaine, or alcohol with oxys or morphine, or alcohol with LSD or PCP you get really messed up and can have bad affects. But no one takes all that into consideration and therefore you get all these bad ideas about the pill. Of course its not the best thing for you but neither is ciggeretts or drinking. It doesnt kill you and its not the worst thing out there. If your kids are expierementing with this stuff instead of the real stuff then you should be thankful and talk to them about being safe with it and not turn to anything illegal that can ACCUALLY hurt you. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    • You’re wrong taylor. Just becuase you think you recover, you are killing your body. You might be alive today, but in several months or years your kidneys and liver will very likely fail if you do not stop.

      • stubbses ssshhhhhh

        your the dumb one first your a whole staff wow 2nd he mentioned other legal excepted DRUGS that kill thousands daily. Selfdestruction is an epedimic in our world but instead of blamin the one truly at fault wwhich is in the lable u blame access or outside influinces games tv but it all starts with raising, knowledge and opinion. But the root lazy in need of a thril my kids know better parents. When you heard first did you pop a top through on a rack and ask your long time friends about it or did u have a sit down with your children fk ups mirror time…..

    • I also disagree Taylor, I have some friends who do it ALL the time because a store right by there house sells it they are addicted to it bad they lost alot of weight and are up for days. my boyfriend wanted to try the bath salts cause he heard good things he asked me if i wanted to and i thought y not obviously its good cause they seel it at a store and its completley legal so me him and two other friends tryed it we snorted ours cause it was spose to be like cocaine and dnt get me wrong i liked it it gave me all kinds of energy i felt like i was on top of the world i aint ever done real cocaine but my boyfriend and one of my friends that did it with us have and they both said its just like cocaine it made them feel the same. nothing happend to me or my boyfriend but the nxt day when we was coming down off of it my friends neck started swelling she noticed it right away she said she needed to see a doctor cause she aint never felt pain like that before so we went to rapid care and we didnt tell them wat we did the night before but the dr there sent us to the er cause she thought it looked like an allergic reaction. when we got to the hospital we tld them what we did so they could figure out if thats wat was causing it. her neck was swelling because there was air in ther and it was moving to her chest they culd never figure out wat was causing the air to be in her neck and chest he tld her ” y would u snort bath salts cocaine or crack dont do this to u” saying she wuld have been better off doing the real thing he ended up having to sent her to a biggger hospital with more specialist and shes still there and they tld her its life treatning there doing everything they can to figure out how or y theres air in her neck and chest they say they aint ever seen anything like this its probally a reaction of some kind to the bath salt. and this was all four of our first times doing it we didnt do any other drug but my point is everyones different and our bodys react different we all did it and shes the only one in the hospital! we learned our leason and wont do it again, but it aint good for u obviously theres a problem with this stuff they need to do something about it cause people are gettin hooked on it and getting hurt from it how can they sell shit like that to mess people up if there goin to do that they might as well sell the real shit! but im done bitchin just wanted to share my story DONT DO IT!

    • I knw this was a old post but I like the point u made. IV been doing the salts for almost 2 yrs. Everybdy acts like a crumb will kill u but IV dne 2 jars a day only time. Bad shit happend was after 3-4 days no sleeping or when mixing but I controled that and I’m fine. They talk about ppl dying from salt but they leave out all other details that contributed to it. Moderation is the key. I’ve triped hard but something else always helped it to happen. (been months without triping) I still havnt lost anything guitars enormous sterios lots of stuff could sell easy. Control ur self n its not a big deal. I have seen ppl it ruined tho seen crazy shit cuz they didn’t think 1st

  6. My fiance spent the last 6 months on these bath salts. It completely destroyed our family. We lost our home, everything in it but most importantly we lost him. He was so paranoid that I was conspiring against him, that I was trying to steal his identity. He thought I had people living in our attic waiting for him to go away or asleep so cheat on him. The last day I saw my fiance, we were at a hotel. A dispute had the police there. They saw how paranoid he was and said he needed a psych eval but did nothing. Our car was towed and we were 6 hours away from home. He thought the only way to get money to get his family back home (Which by the way, our 3 yr old, 10 yr old and myself 7 mo pregnant were on the side of the road waiting for him) was to rob a convenience store. I havent seen him since. My fiance is a good man, he always was. But this bath salt destroyed him, destroyed our family. Now he will miss the birth of our daughter in june, and who knows when we will ever feel his touch. This bath salt ruined my life. Had this freak incident not happened, he would have killed himself. He will tell you this now since he is clean from this crap, and is clear headed. But we both still have nightmares of what he put us through. PTSD is real, and is very much a side effect of this bath salt. Get anyone you know who does this help, or you will lose them. It may be forever.

    • That is awful, totally off the wall heartbreaking. if this is true, thank you for sharing.

    • You go from saying ” I havent seen him since.” to “He will tell you this now since he is clean from this crap, and is clear headed. But we both still have nightmares of what he put us through.”


      • I’m 41 and in rehab due to bathsalts. This stuff is no joke I’ve been clean for a month now and my heart is off beat now and headaches are horrible. Be aware this stuff will kill . My last uses I believe I was gonna die .your dumbass if you don’t listen if u don’t r.I.p.

    • Did u see him after the robbery or not…confused…first u said u didn’t and now u say he is clean..which is it?

      • I think maybe she means he’s in jail so she hasn’t seen him since. Cuz she said they “may never feel his touch again.” I don’t know…just how I comprehended it. But I could be wrong…happens a lot. Lol

      • She must be the one using them and hallucinated the whole thing lmao

  7. I love bath salts. I have been awake the past 7 days on it. I do a line during my lunch break and for breakfast on a daily basis. This is BETTER then meth and coke in my professional opion. Hell I’m my companies best seller…and I’m twice as good after a nice bath. The smoke shop was selling em 31.79 a 250 mg bag n 4 for 100. Last night I found 500 mg bags (white rush is what I prefer) and they had 3 for 100. So instread of 1000 mg for 100 I get 1500 for 100. Thank u bath salts. I’m now a professional bather n I no longer smoke weed or drink.

    • I 10000000% agree with everything my friend the salty dog just said. White rush for the win!!!!!!

      • Hell yea I love bath salts … many Hookers to be slayn now that IV been up the last Cople weeks

  8. Idk what the heck ppl r puttin in the salt u guys get but ive done many drugs..uppers and downers..and ive had the best of the best,no joke, & the worst of the talkin baking soda and a pinch of H in a cap(burned like a b*tch..but the salt ive done has had the exact same effect as some C ive done..except I didnt go numb and I didnt throw up..every1 gets depressed when they do drugs..dont matter what kind..THERE DRUGS!!! Ur gonna do them neways no matter what the risk..straight up..if ur grown..then YOUR makin that decision..dont try blamin neone else for YOUR actions..thats some REAL TALK

  9. Wow im so I decided to look the side effects of this stuff up I never noticed how bad it was till about three minutes ago and ill tell u the side effects are reall almost a month now and the last week I have thought that everyone around me was conspiring to get rid of me or the one I love was cheating and lying to me even so to the point that I had all the text messeges on our phones court order to be realesed to me because I thought that’s she was frauding my bank account…. when in truth I was spending it all on crap butt enough is enought im done with that shit

  10. I love em, just moderation use or u will be seriously fucked up

    • stubbses ssshhhhhh

      If your not in control of yourself who is slow up get out the corner eat get a nap tomorrows a new day and the effects come back normal when you rest retard jitters tree ppl shadow play awsome way to spend a night remember dumb dumb u took a drug it alters perseption they don’t sober you. They bend u shadow ppl r okay tree ppl I asked if I could join no reply ha cause they ain’t real

  11. My 18 year old brother, his girlfriend, and half sister did bath salt. when they were found they were unresponsive. They took them to the hospital they almost died. His half sister was a little sleepy after and her blood pressure was up. His girlfriends blood pressure was up as well. My brother was put in ccu it messed with his kidneys, his blood pressure was very low, his heart rate was high then it would drop then go bac up. That kept happening all night. I went to see him. U had to shake him while u talked to him to get a response. That was the scariest feeling and experience that I have ever been through. My brother almost lost his life and so did 2 other ppl that day. It is a serious thing and it isn’t safe. Please do not do it. It is really harmful and u can die.

  12. My boyfriend of 3 yrs and best friendfor 14 yrs just recently was addicted to bath salts andhas lost his job beat me thinking I was a woman trying to attack him wrecked my car and destroyed our house and almost killed our dog by chocking him is now in a,mental institution …bath salts are deadly please dont try them hes not the same loving father and person he once was.

  13. Yeah… they are horrible. I am taking care of a patient who ingested some salts and now his intestines are dying and he is passing them in his stool. It’s an awful thing to witness a 24 year old young man crapping out his own organs. DO NOT USE BATH SALTS.

  14. In the town i live in a woman and her boyfriend was on this stuff and 3 days ago her and her boyfriend beat her 12 year old son to death.But not only that it was over a period of time that day.This stuff is terrible..And all they was on is this bath salt…Than i was visiting a friend and someone on her road was on this bath salt and he went crazy.He had a axe and was running around hitting everything…His wife was about to have their baby boy and h wouldnt let her leave,..He thought there was transmitters in everything..he took a rug apart piece my piece looking for a stuff..It was scary he wanted to kill everyone on the block

  15. you people with your make believe fairy-tale stores thinking that that will discourage people from using ANY sort of an illicit substance. But what those with the negative replies fail to understand is, you can take the most deadly drug known to mankind and put it on the market and some fool who thinks that he’s superman or above reproach will STILL buy it. That is a fact in the world we live in today. The more you try to dis-swayed someone from anything, the MORE likely they are to do it. Point Blank Period.
    And BTW… the drugs which do more harm than any illegal substance, are those sold by the big drug manufacturing companies. The only difference between legal and illegal drugs is that fact that you DON’T need health insurance in order to attain them. So put that K2 in your pipe and smoke it.

  16. stories*

  17. Do you people actually think that these are the bath salts you can buy at a CVS or something? lol.

    • Right!!! This why I just read for fun. Come on people, you’re making us look bad. Personal research, people, let’s go now, it’s getting late in the game.

  18. the enlightened one

    Ok guys, one thing, bath salts have methylone which is the main ingredient in the crappy pills nowadays, other than being a lot cleaner than the ones that used to come from the bay which were cut with mescaline, heroine, lsd, cocaine, meth, etc 5 years ago. Guys you really need to think about this carefully, just because you want the same feeling as ex from back then doesnt mean you should just try and find something that mimics it, especially something like bath salts, its like snorting nutmeg to get high but its stupid is fuck if you think about it, read up on shit before you do it, you will never find anything like MDMA, you can find stuff that is close but unless its mdma its not mdma, if you guys cant find it, then thats tough luck. dont be an idiot trying to chase a high that you’re unable to have, taking drugs is even a luxury. if you scrap every bit if you’re will just to look or get a substance cwhether its herb,mdma, lsd, coke, meth etc, you’re letting it take over you’re life. It doesnt matter what you do, most definitely stuff like meth is poison to you’re body but even i learned taking it into moderation you’ll still turn out ok, its just nearly impossible because meth and heroine “Makes” you very addicted, just try and be honest with yourself and be responsible for you’re own actions. key to life is balance

    • I would agree with the enlightened one. Thats what it seems to me, people wanting to get the cheaper versions of drugs like mdma or lsd. Although I have never tried bath salts, I’ve tried everything else. There is nothing that can compete with pure mdma. It truely is a theraputic drug that can indeed help some people. all of these “kiddy” drugs like these salts are nothing but bullshit. People will try anything if you tell em its something that will f***you up. I could sell dog shit under the guise of a wonderful hallucinagen and some kids would eat it to see if it was. People need to research the drugs and see what people who have done them before experienced. Here’s the crazy thing though, companies like Phizer and other corporations that make all these pharmacuticals are partially responsible for people trying all these substances. I say that because you can get caught with one percocet and go to jail with a felony. From then on your career is ruined. Phizer on the other hand can bring in several hundred tons of pure opium into this country and push all those wonderful pills on to us with no kind of penalty at all. Our society is saturated with prescription pills that our govn’t loves because they make money hand over fist. The CIA makes millions with afgani poppies, selling to phizer so they can make your oxycotins. They sell those and get away with it, but the guy who gets caught giving his friends a couple is a drug dealer and scum…f*** that. Plus he will go to court and pay several thousand dollars just to get his sentence reduced. Its the same old money making scam called “the war on drugs”. If you want to find the culprits behind the drugs…go to washington. About the salts though, all you can do is try and show people how bad it is, even then there isn’t much else that can be done. Every one and their momma knows that crack is bad for you, yet people still buy it day in and day out. The same applies for any drug. Check out tylenol….it kills more people every year than most of these illegal substances, why aren’t you warning people? People need to smoke some weed and chill, the only harmful effects are in the smoke. If you get a vaporizer, its almost harm free….

    • Don’t throw around the term “enlightened” as though it gives you any credibility. In fact, how dare you call yourself that. Go roll a little more, and try to lump all drugs together without an advanced degree in chemistry and pharmacology. Just SHUSH!!!

  19. This is a drug (bath salt) that is being sold legally with major side a effects that could ruin a young undeveloped mind of a child and adults as well. I know because my child is in a mental treatment facility from it use. So, parents if you notice behavior of your child mood has change watch him very close and seek help immediately you may sorry that you didn’t, and for you adult who introduce children to this synthetic drug (bath salt) be careful, because the price is not worth the legal problem you may bring on yourself. This is not a clamorous drug it kills!!!

  20. Is there anyone interested in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the manufacturers of this synthetic drug (BATH SALT), this will wake-up these companies. Stop killing people and produce jobs for the health and wealth of humankind.

    • Yes, because money will surely fix everything. People will only learn about choice and moderation if we educate people in these subjects. Prohibition has not proven effective, is there really still time? We need to understand why we use: why some of us will never give up the chase, why some never go after it to begin with, and how some can live happily in the intensely variegated gray area in between. Please people. let’s start learning, and stop assuming.

  21. My Brother is 21 years old and has lost his house, wife, and kid from drug addictions. I have seen him completley strung out on oxycottin, extacy, Meth, cocain, anything u can possibly think of for the past 2 years, and bath salts is deffinetly worse then all of them, he looks like he has been tweeking for 20 years and has been on the salt for only 2 months.He is now living out of his car lost 40 pounds in 2 months has scabs all over his bodie. Everyone has cut him off bcuz he lies and manipulates everyone so that he can get that stuff. He thinks people are trying to kill him he has even gone as far as calling the police on people that werent following him, He thinks the people that are “trying to kill him” are sending messages to him over the radio, he hallucinates and thinks my neighbor is taunting him with lights through a window at 2 in the morning, he lost his Job because he thought that mexican drug dealers were driving by his work barking at him(sounds like a good time…NOT) …..that shit is terrible, right now when he stops doing it SOME of the effects go away. But some serious ones are still there. i hope he comes out of it and i feel for everyone out there who has a loved one on this or that has a loved one that passed away from it. and SALT DOG i feel bad for you because if u stay on that road you WILL end up losing your mind or dead.

    • its not worse than meth…thats a fact. It metabolizes the same as meth in the body basically, but it isnt as strong. What makes it so bad is that its easier to get than meth.

  22. Niacin seems to help a lot due to its vasodilating effect.

  23. This is not a joke at all, this is very serious. I came to find out the other day my son did this bath salts and his so called friend got it directly from a lab. that was 3 days ago he finally fell asleep, I had to call 911 because of his breathing and his heart rate, I had no other choice as of last night he was still seeing a swat team in the woods across the house he actually believes they were in his car and planted something to track his every more. I took his car keys and we are monitoring his every move. as a mother my question is how long do these side effects last?

    • depends on how much he did. I usually just do a little bump or line at a time. A 500mg container lasts me about 2 days.But I have never been that bad so he must have done multiple jars of it at once.

  24. my live-in friend took these over the weekend and i am going to ask her to move out tonight. she is the jumpiest thing i’ve ever seen and i’m afraid from these stories that i will end up getting attacked. i don’t understand why anyone would take this stuff.. it makes me sick to think about it.

  25. They should ban it though :/ i was introduced to it from my sis shes a complete tard the longest she stayed up was for like 3 days she was paranoid Very she dint see it though She looked exhausted i told he to go to bed constantly If a person says there not tired Argue back that retarded ass mother fucker lol is tired its like this Have you ever like Done something that you enjoyed alot? that gave u adrenaline kinda like boxing or a intense video game you feel great t while yoour playing but if u dont stop soon you dont realize ur runnin on e and then lets say omg its 7 am in the morning u have to go to owrk anything etc Suddenly ur drained this is what it does over long periods of time the more u do it the less u can tell

  26. You want to know why people do these. Cause they figure out a lot about themselves on it. It helps them realize and understand who they are and what they want in life, but that makes the person rely on the drug to figure shit out and eventually, get depressed from it. I’m saying this from experience and I personally am not suicidal, but I can understand why people kill themselves because of it. Part me of me wants to say I’m glad I tried it, because I learned A LOT about myself from it, but the other part of me wants to say that your better off with out it, because ignorance is bliss. My sincere advice, don’t do it.

  27. To all of the people that are saying these bath salt things are great……. you just haven’t experienced it yet. Everyones body is different and it will catch up to you. Dont misunderstand, I dont wish this on anyone. My husband was taking this bath salt drug for 3 months. He ended up calling 911on himself because he was apparently hallucinating and just flipping out. He spent a week in a psych hospital which brought him back to reality but here we are a 2 months later and we are still dealing with the side effects. Its really crazy how things can change so quickly.

  28. To all that do not believe the warnings from nice people on here who care about peoples lives are stupid. My brother is doing bath salt and he is starting to hear voices, he told me he was hearing noises from zombies outside, he said he thinks there out there waiting to attack people, !!crazy…….crazy………crazy!! He won’t be allowed around his niece if he does not stop the fake drug. You think to yourself oh I won’t die, then you buy it and your body reacts to it different than most people, or you do it long enough commit suicide, or your organs give out, when all you had to tell yourself was………I’m not dumb enough to take it in the very beginning when you could have made the right decision.

  29. Who ever owns this site should keep it up until they make it illegal in every state

  30. stubbses ssshhhhhh

    This is fun decided to make a religion look for billism coming soon mabe a go daddy or other sub domain lol book mark it hey liers quit makin shit up I got other ideas for u to spread like tonight I tagged a tight tight 19yr old bath salt was the mouth piece to bring it together her bfs gonna be mad as fk

  31. @ stubbses, Liars? Hey you stupid hotard, your dumb for taking bath salt for one, for two call poison control, and for three get a life and do something normal, not something that affects others, my brothers been off it for 48 hours and can bare witness to it’s affect. Dumb people like you would snort house hold cleaners for a hIgh.

  32. I had never heard of bath salts as giving a high….. until my step daughter posted it on facebook that her sister was being rushed to the emergency room. She states that she is not coming out of it right. Her sister has two babies that could very well lose their mom due to her wanting to get a “high”. If you are reading this and think it is harmless, think again.

  33. Take it from someone that can handle a goooood buzz! This stuff will kill you, even with moderation it will have permanent effects on your health in the future. Your nervous system, your intestines, your kidneys, and anyone around you will notice the change in your behavior. My opinion and i do not approve of anyone doing any drug, it would be profoundly safer to use the more common street drugs if available.
    DO NOT TRY BATH SALTS!!!!! I did and like i said i can handle great amounts of any other drug but in my opinion bath salts are a form of terrorism!

  34. I would advise against trying or using these salts. I started out on them like everyone else. I doubted the dramatic stories and warnings. I even posted on this site about how they “aren’t so bad”. I am now addicted to the stuff. I have been using for about 3 1/2 months. I go through a jar a day just to get by but can easily do more because of my tolerance. I am having financial problems because I cant stop buying this crap! It is addictive! I have dropped from 175-180 lbs to around 145-150. I look horrible…skin and bones like a crack head. I have to lie to friends and family just to keep them from worrying. I honestly should go to rehab. The sad part is I can see what it is doing but can’t stop because the addiction and dependency is so strong! Stay away from this junk if you know what is good for you!

    • Just to add there are mental effects like meth. I feel like I have severe add. Mood swings. Memory loss. Not to mention the physical toll from dehydration, malnurishment, and sleep deprivation.

  35. I’m a nurse in an intensive care unit taking care of a woman who snorted bath salts to get high….she is now dependent on a mechanical ventilator for breathing and completely neurologically impaired. She will most likely NOT come out of this alive. She is a successful 46 year old business woman. A bad weekend of partying with this crap has taken everything from her. Please don’t do this crap!

  36. Wow. I just watched Intervention’s most recent episode where they featured a young man addicted to bath salts. I was definitely curious, because I was thinking to myself.. I bet that stuff helps you lose weight, just like Adderall. Thank God I found this website featuring all of your testimonials about it. I was considering doing some light use of bath salts to jump start my weight loss for the summer.. But now I see that even light use can be extremely harmful. Thank you all for posting, you may have just saved my life….

  37. I’m praying for you ppl who have had to deal with this drug and watch loved ones suffer; I know it takes an emotional toll on us all. Please lend me any advice on alternative or common medicines that have helped or what concerns to keep an eye out for. My 18yr. nephew was a normal young guy until around Thanks Giving ’11. Since then, and since his last time using” love letters bath salts “along with legal smoke- called Mr Miagi, he has been admitted into mental institutes (4x) and even spent two week is jail as a result of fighting with attendants out of extreme paranoia/ self-defense. He has gone absolutely crazy, and its obvious. Every time we’d bring him to a doctor, they’d almost immediately admit him. He laughs like a mad man at most things lately mixed with occasional tears. Appears to have a major issue with the part of his brain that processes communication because he has the hardest time answering even yes/no questions correctly. He is mostly quite so its hard to understand what he is thinking. He says he hasn’t been hearing voices anymore but its questionable. He is very submissive, paranoid, and apologetic. He seems to be so impressionable now that I don’t want him listening to gangster rap music anymore. He was worst before getting out of jail last week though. Taking his cloths off inappropriately, confused on weather to sit or stand, numb to hot or cold showers, peeing on himself, speaking of delusions. Its horrible. Although he has shown a slight improvement over the last week and we’re still hoping for the best and trying to promote his health. Any feedback on what to do or follow-up info on what happened to your loved ones would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Tell ya one thing, I’ve never done nor never will do bath salts but the title of this article is misleading and all too typical. I’ve done plenty of LSD and have done PCP on a few occasions and from what I gather from reading about bath salts they are absolutely nothing like the symptoms you get from LSD or PCP which can produce a life changing experience almost always for the good.

    Advice from a Rasta friend of mine, “Stay away from de powdur drugs.”

  39. All I can say is stay away from this stuff. I have had plenty of experience in the past with coke and e. I was out drinking with friends last weekend and one of my buddies asked if I wanted to try this synthetic coke that he bought at a head shop. So I figured since he bought it somewhere over the counter it really wouldn’t be that big a deal. We would just do a few bumps in the bathroom. Anyway I get home after closing down the bar and that’s when things turned for the worst. i just could not wind down, was sweating a lot and pupils were huge. My wife got understandably concerned when she woke up the next morning around 11:00 am and saw me still tweeking out of my mind. She asked me what I had done and when I told her she started searching on the internet and we found out how bad this stuff really is. It wasn’t until 7:00 pm that night about 20 hours after I had started with a bump of this stuff that I finally started to wind down. I was able to finally doze off for a bit. It is now Tuesday and I still don’t feel completely normal. just last night I finally got my appetite back and was able to eat some dinner. Keep in mind I did this stuff on Saturday night so that is how long these side effects have lingered. This is not something to be taken lightly and I hope I can help prevent others from trying this stuff. For those that are hooked on it I feel for you. I could only describe the experience as terrible and don’t see why anyone would continously want to take this garbage.

  40. That1guyThatuknow

    All the people who say this drug is good, are just complete idiots…. then again with all the deaths going on from it…. maybe THIS is how we will rid the world of the completely stupid people! lol

  41. can anyone recomend websites.

  42. I have a cousin that is in a coma right now from taking bath salts. I don’t really know that much about them except everything that I have heard and now that it has reached my family has been very bad.

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  52. Wow! I’m so glad my GHB overdose forced me into rehab before bath salts hit the market. I was so extreme mixing G, X, Coke to wake up, go to work, work out, and a G overload to pass out at night. Bath salts would have been another component to my substance infused existence. The molecular structure of bath salts alone is intimidating. Bath salts penetrate the mind/body with a prolonged duration of insane intensity. These components raise the addiction factor 10 fold. Plus, anything that affects neurotransmitters on this level makes the return to homeostasis impossible (physically & mentally). Just like any drug, some people may use and not become addicts. However, for those more prone to addiction, watch out! The chemical make up is designed with addiction in mind. Think about it… A legal (well, technically hours ago some laws were passed to regulate “bath salts”- so up until now) a synthetic super drug manipulated to create an intense high for an extended period of time, chemically manipulated to amplify “craving signals” in the brain, sold cheaply….. The maker of this sh*t is one sick and twisted capitalist. Supply and demand at its finest. For those people that use bath salts on a controlled basis… Beware, the odds are against you. Personally speaking, I’m so glad bath salts never entered my world. The recovery process for bath salt addiction is unimaginable given the physiological and psychological damages. If you’re looking for some stimulation in life.. learn a new language, sky dive, travel… =:^)

  53. They are killing people. These new chemical drugs are really dangerous. Please avoid them!

  54. I hope the majority of the comments above are not written by students paying over $55,000 per year to attend this school.

  55. Hi: I have a question for the hospital staff. Will bath salts make you cold? My son is a drug addict. Went through rehab, swears he “only” smokes pot. Bi Polar type behavior, hallucinations, weird sleep patern, altered sense of reality, takes hot showers alot and has the heater on in the house all the time. We live in the deep, deep South. 120% humidity and 100 degree temps are the norm. No need for heaters. Could this be bath salts?

  56. My husband received a package in the mail from a friend who thought he was doing him a favor. (some friend) He was supposed to receive to eight balls of cocaine. It turned out that they were composed primarily of bath salts. We found this out after he had to be restrained and taken to the emergency room. He was hallucinating and destroying the inside of our house. He almost died. When he finally came down, he said it was the worst experience he had ever had on any drug. He is now in rehab. Thank God!

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  58. Ew I’ve done pot, and heroin, and cocaine and meth I would never do bath salts.