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A farewell to The MUSE

Well, this is it. Last call. All the memories from the splitting migraine on my first day of classes freshman year (blinding pain had never felt so collegiate before) to my final testimonial in these pages that have given me a platform for my half-crazed and inane ramblings about the state and status of the entertainment industry and funk music, all neatly packaged and put away. Over.

In my time as first a MUSE staff member, then Music Editor and finally two stints as MUSE Editor, I’ve gotten the chance to see hundreds of live shows, investigate a wide array of genres and styles, interview young up-and-comers, and meet some of my musical heroes. I’ve photographed Jeff Tweedy and Warren Haynes from the pits in front of stages, seen the transition of Boston’s music scene with venues like the House of Blues and Brighton Music Hall, and at times considered the Paradise as a second home (with better music). The Daily Free Press has given me a voice since I was a sophomore, providing me with the opportunity to meet hundreds of people via email over the past three years while actually meeting none of them in person (you guys sure know how to make a kid feel e-loved). And the best part was, I got to write about all of it.

Working here, I’ve learned how to craft a story (and definitely how NOT to craft one), how to deal with people (it’s some combination of unabashed self-confidence and searing wit… still working on that one then) and the work it requires to take a blank page and an idea and turn it into a product that people might actually want to read. Basically, The Daily Free Press gobbled me up and spit me back out with a better idea of what it means to be a professional than making the decision that maybe I shouldn’t wear that same Allman Brothers shirt for the third day in a row.

Being an editor has often meant not having a strict word limit, but the breadth of our content this week demands that I keep this short, and it’s hard to complain; without the help and hard work of these writers and too many more people to name, some weeks we wouldn’t have had two words to rub together. So I guess I’ll end this by quoting one of the groups that I’ve referenced the most over the years. It feels appropriate to quote Sly Stone, considering that approximately 75 percent* (*not intended to be a factual statement) of the stories I’ve written here have been about funk, anyway. I’ll only ask you to deal with it one more time.

I want to Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf. I’m gonna miss it.


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