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Students say Amanda Knox scandal does not affect decisions to study abroad

Boston University students said they had mixed feelings about the acquittal of Amanda Knox, who was charged with the murder of her roommate in Italy last week.

“It is an intensely traumatic situation,” said College of Communication freshman Rachel Pearson. “But I think the media has blown it way out of proportion.”

Knox was exonerated of the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, on Oct. 3, after a four-year-long court battle in Perugia, Italy, according to reports.

Knox, a Seattle native, was 20 when Kercher was found murdered in the home they shared as part of a study abroad program. Knox was accused of murdering her roommate in a botched sex game and convicted with her boyfriend Rafaele Sollecito  in 2009. They were serving 26 and 25-year sentences, respectively, when they won their appeal last week.

College of Engineering freshman Hsin-Chiao Lin said that hearing about the case made him less confident about studying in the U.S.

“I’m an international student so for me, coming to BU is like studying abroad,” Lin said. “This really does influence my decision in the future.”

College of Arts and Sciences senior Aileen Apura  said that what happened to Knox has not swayed her decision as to whether she will study abroad.

“I’m in it for the experience to go abroad next year,” she said.

Pearson said that while she feels for Amanda Knox, she is still very excited for the opportunity to study abroad. What happened to Knox is unique, she said, and the likelihood of a similar situation recurring is minimal.

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad,” she said. “That’s why I came to BU.”

CAS graduate student Layla Albalooshi said that while Knox’s situation is sad, that it did not affect her.

“I don’t know, maybe because I am a grad student it does not affect me as much, but I was not really thinking about it,” she said.

“It doesn’t affect my decision to study abroad at all,” said ENG sophomore Robbi Garza.

“You have to be careful, but you can’t let things that happen outside of your life effect your decisions.”

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