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Early win sets table for succesful wrestling season

In preparation for a single meet back in November, the Boston University wrestling team managed to thrust itself into an eight-game dual streak, including fours victories during winter intercession.

In the tilt, a 21-16 victory over Iowa State University on Nov. 6, senior John Hall and sophomore Kevin Innis earned close wins in the final two matches of the night to give the Terriers (8-1) the win.

“The whole team has been wrestling pretty well,” said BU coach Carl Adams. “Obviously there is a lot that we still have to work on, but I think preparing for the match against Iowa Sate kind of propelled us through the next eight matches.

“When you prepare for a team at that level you are thinking on a higher mental plane, preparing on a higher physical plane and you’re preparing on a higher technical plane.”

After defeating Iowa in what Adams called a big win for the program, the Terriers defeated Lock Haven University, the University of North Carolina and Cleveland State University during the Wrestle for a Cure Duals. They then went on to participate in the Keystone Classic and the Nittany Lion Open.

BU started off the New Year with a victory over Franklin and Marshall College that saw seven wrestlers earn important wins.

The next day, the Terriers routed Millersville University in a 39-3 contest where sophomore Nick Tourville earned five points after a 17-1 technical fall.

The Terriers rounded out the break with wins over American International College and Sacred Heart University on Jan. 14, with scores of 29-15 and 32-18, respectively.

“I think they all have done a really good job,” Adams said. “There is still a lot to work on, but I think we are at a pretty good place at this point in the season.”

The Terriers will look to continue their win streak during a four-team meet within the conference this coming weekend.

“You always have to try to be at your best mentally, physically and technically,” Adams said. “So in those three areas we want to continue to get better, I would say especially in the technical area.

“We have a very tough conference . . .but we are going down there and we will do the best we can.”

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