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Top 11 foods under $7 at 7-Eleven

By Frankie Barbato, Spotlight Editor

If you had the opportunity to grow up near a 7-Eleven store, a cherry or blueberry Slurpee was probably cornerstone of your childhood. Even now as college students, it’s hard to deny the deliciousness of a Slurpee, as well as other food and drinks that this convenience store has to offer.

Here is a compilation of the top 11 foods for under $7 at the latest 7-Eleven in Boston at 860 Commonwealth Ave. Oh, and I honestly don’t think there is one food item that costs over $7, or $3 for that matter, in this store.

1. Slurpees

The awesomeness of a cold Slurpee on a hot day only gets better with the fact that there are now seven different flavors. These include wild cherry, sugar free blueberry, red apple chill, Crystal Light, Fanta, Coca-Cola and Sprite Snowblast. With both medium and large sizes, the obvious and most logical choice is a large because you can never have enough Slurpee.

2. Big Gulp

Next time you are thirsty, why not get a monstrously sized cup of soda to quench your thirst? 7-Eleven is infamous for its big gulp,  super big gulp and double gulp. Oh, and their smallest size: the gulp.

3. Coffee

Maybe it’s just my coffee addiction and need to drink five cups a day that draws me to 7-Eleven, but they do offer quality coffee at a cheaper price. Their flavors include Colombian, blueberry, Brazilian bold, butter toffee, hazelnut and french vanilla. With an convenient travel mug, refills are only 99 cents!

4. Glazed Donuts

These are phenomenal because all donuts are phenomenal, but also because you can get two of them for $1 and really jump start your day.

5. Taquitos

Who knew you could buy Mexican food at a convenience store? 7-Eleven calls their taquitos “Go Go Taquitos” because you can grab one on the go for lunch or dinner for about $1.29. The varieties include buffalo chicken, jalapeno cream and monterrey jack and chicken.

6. Hot Dogs

In case you drive past this 7-Eleven on your way to Fenway–or you just really like hot dogs–7-Eleven offers four different varieties with free chili, cheese and onions to satisfy your growling stomach. I would suggest going for the “Big Bite” option for about $1.99 if you are in one of those “I am so hungry I could eat my own arm” kind of moods.

7. Deluxe 4 Cheese Pizza

The 7-Eleven on Commonwealth Avenue guarantees hot and fresh pizza in 90 seconds for $1.89 a slice. You can’t beat that, now can you?

8. “Fresh to Go” Sandwiches

7-Eleven prides itself on having “healthy” and fresh options delivered daily to their stores. With their new “7-smart” idea, many of their sandwiches and salads are under 400 calories and cost around $5.

9. Big Nachos

Nachos are one of my favorite snacks, and I know they are yours too even if you don’t admit it. At 7-Eleven, the obvious chili and cheese additions to complete the nacho amazingness are completely free with your nacho purchase!

10. Iced Coffee

With flavors including hazelnut, Colombian, mocha and french vanilla, the iced coffee is the great alternative to hot coffee from 7-Eleven in the summer. However, that is unless you are like me and will still drink hot coffee in 90 degree weather and not think there is anything weird about it.

11. “7 Select” Chips

Chips, Pretzels, those questionable cheese ball things. Simply great 7-Eleven brand munching food that costs only 89 cents in comparison to bigger brands that cost $1.09 – smart shopping at its best.


  1. I work in Boston which has beautiful historic buildings that are worked into the latest designs and the city is better for it. I think that COM and BU could have worked with the tower to make it a symbolic design for the College of Communications.

  2. I’m getting hungry just reading the list. I personally can’t live without my coffee. I’m curious how much of a 7 eleven income is from coffee since their supply cost is so low.