Celebrities turned photographers thanks to Instagram

By Frankie Barbato, Spotlight Editor

Since its 2010 inception, over 50 million iPhone owners have downloaded the free photo sharing application, Instagram. The average person can instantly become a professional photographer by transforming photos into artistic masterpieces by using color filters. However, celebrities, as if they do not already have enough pictures taken of them, are joining the Instagram craze as well. The result: wealthy celebrities attempting to look edgy by filtering colors of the picture of their Porsche.

According to an article on, celebrity Instagram users include Taylor Swift, Jamie Oliver and Rosie O’Donnell (yes, Rosie O’Donnell). The most famous celebrities however, are ones that already are blowing up your Twitter feed; looks like these celebrities have found more ways to distract people through another form of social media.

Some loyal Instagram users have no desire to follow celebrities at all. School of Management Sophomore Sarah Schmidt has been a member since 2011 and does not follow one celebrity.

“Personally, I think that most celebrity social media accounts are usually [run by] their publicists or assistants,” Schneider said. “I don’t find it interesting to look at their Instagram account knowing that it’s not actually them.”

Yet with so many celebrities on Instagram, and millions of subsequent followers, it looks like many Instagram fanatics are jumping on the celebrity bandwagon.

What CAN’T Kim Kardashian do?

Reality television star? Clothing designer? 72 day long marriage enthusiast? Is there any sphere that Kim Kardashian has not already conquered? According to a February 29 article on, Kardashian jumped on this popular social media trend in early February and has taken on the new role of photographer. Uploads include pictures of her shoe collection and her nephew Mason. If her TV shows and the tabloids were not enough already, Instagram is just another way for the world to stalk Kardashian’s life. To stay updated on the wonder that is Kardashian, follow her at @Kimberlynoelkardashian.

Never say never:

Didn’t think it was possible to know even more about the beloved Justin Bieber? Never say never. According to, teen royalty Bieber joined Instagram in 2011. As one of Instagram’s best endorsements to date, Bieber started filtering and uploading his life as another way for his fans to stalk him. With over 909,000 followers (Bieber only found 15 Instagram members worthy of following himself), Bieber entices viewers to his page with the profile description “Love me or hate me. U choose.” So if you love him and cannot get enough of his life, follow Bieber at @justinbieber.

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