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AEPi closed by national chapter following hazing allegations

The Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity’s national organization closed its chapter, unaffiliated with Boston University, in light of a recent hazing investigation, officials said.

AEPi spokesman John Pierce said the fraternity was suspended immediately upon hearing the allegations Tuesday night. The AEPi board of directors voted Wednesday night to close the chapter.

“This fraternity does not exist at this time any longer at Boston University,” he said in an interview with The Daily Free Press.

Inter-Fraternity Council President Jimmy Czodli said the IFC and BU have not recognized AEPi as a student organization or fraternity since 1995, according to an April 9 article published by the Free Press.

The AEPi national organization released an official statement on its website after the closing.

“Alpha Epsilon Pi does not – in any way – condone hazing of any type,” the statement said. “The actions being reported at Boston University do not reflect our Fraternity’s values or principles of brotherhood.”

An investigation was launched by the Boston Police Department after an incident in which alleged victims were reportedly found covered in red welts and “condiment-type substances.”

Fourteen members of the fraternity are scheduled to appear in a Brighton District Court for hazing charges in response to the incident.

Pierce said the national organization might expel individuals involved in the incident from AEPi following the police investigation.

“We can, and likely will at some point, take action against some or all of the individual members and expel them from the fraternity, permanently removing them from the national fraternity,” he said.

Boston University spokesman Colin Riley said individual members of the fraternity would face consequences from the university as well as from the court.

“Judicial Affairs will render their decisions on if there are any violations of the code of student responsibilities,” he said.

AEPi is also being investigated for alleged involvement in hazing allegations brought against sorority Sigma Delta Tau.

The Orthodox Union released a statement Thursday condemning the actions of AEPi as a Jewish fraternity.

“The Orthodox Union, which operates its Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus JLIC program on 15 major college campuses across North America, expresses its shock and outrage at the report of hazing at a Jewish fraternity house at Boston University,” the statement said.

The statement said hazing violates Jewish law.

“Halacha (Jewish law) and Jewish tradition have continually and unconditionally condemned the oppression or bullying of others, whether physical or emotional, in the strongest terms,” the statement said.

Pierce said AEPi could return to BU at some point in the future.

“Whether it’s 10 years, 20 years or five years, I can’t say, but some day we hope to be back at Boston University.”

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  1. No big loss on the closure of the fraternity. What are these groups good for anyway — drunkeness on West Campus? I’m proud that these groups are not affiliated with BU. I’m sad that the irresponsible behavior of a few tarnishes the reputation for many.