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Taco Bell, BU discuss possible location in ‘13

Taco Bell is rumored to be coming back to Boston University’s campus next year, but some students are concerned about the health problems that the fast food may cause.

Dining Services tweeted on Aug. 28 “So now we can talk about it. #TacoBell coming to campus next yr [sic]!”

Dining Services officials declined to comment on the subject.

BU spokesman Colin Riley said there was no agreement with Taco Bell as of yet, but BU is always looking for new dining options.

College of Communication junior Ariel Ferrante said she had heard Taco Bell was coming to campus and was looking forward to it. However, she said she worries about the impact it might have on herself and other students.

“I was excited to hear about a Taco Bell coming to campus since I eat it all the time at home,” she said. “But then I thought, ‘wow, this could be a really bad idea, that something I love and that is so unhealthy for you, is going to be close to me at school.’”

Ferrante is not the only student who expressed health concerns about a fast-food restaurant coming to campus.

College of Arts and Sciences junior Rachel Atcheson said she is not surprised to hear that a Taco Bell might be introduced to campus, but that she is concerned about the healthiness of the food.

“Is there really not a smaller, more local, healthier business we could have invited?” she said. “Another big, unhealthy corporation coming to campus doesn’t surprise me, but it is a little bit unsettling.”

Atcheson, a member of the BU Vegetarian Club, said while she “couldn’t endorse an institution that supports animal cruelty,” she feels better that students who cannot make their own meals at home would be able to have vegan options at Taco Bell on campus.

“Taco Bell is highly vegan-friendly, offering numerous options free of animal products,” she said. “It is comforting that Taco Bell incorporates veganism into their menu, and for that I am the tiniest bit uplifted.”

CAS sophomore Daniele Gargamelli said she did not care if a Taco Bell was put on campus or not, but other students would support the addition to dining options.

“I’ve had it a few times, but it’s not really going to affect my life that much,” she said. “I think a lot of students would want it. Whether it’s the best idea, I don’t know, but I think a lot of people will be happy.”

Gargamelli said a Taco Bell might not affect weight or health much on campus because of the exercise students get from going class to class.

“We walk a lot here, so you’d have to eat an awful lot for it to make an impact,” she said.

Ferrante said overall, she and a lot of her friends would be happy if BU put in a Taco Bell for students because of the quick, on-the-go service, despite the food chain not being what she called “the healthiest place to eat.”

“I know I will personally have to resist going there all the time,” Ferrante said.


  1. There’s nothing in this article about what the potential places on campus are. That was the whole reason I chose to read this article, not to get student reaction. Does anyone know where they’re thinking of putting Taco Bell?

  2. As a BU’08 alum, I’m surprised this article was not entitled “Taco Bell may return to BU” – the Starbucks underneath Warren Towers replaced Taco Bell in 2006.

  3. They should put it where Giga’s (27 Buswell St.) used to be. I’m quite sure many people who live in South Campus would enjoy a place in the area that accepts Convenience/Dining Points. In the cold, it’s annoying to go to the other dining areas whereas 27 Buswell would be so convenient. Also, anybody who cares about the health factor should just not eat there. With the number of “Sargent Choice” options and Loose Leafs in TWO (2) locations, I think Taco Bell is acceptable.