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BU offers $10,000 for info on robbery suspects

Boston University announced a reward of $10,000 for anyone who gives information about the suspects of the Brookline armed robberies, police said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

BU Police Department Chief Thomas Robbins said anyone who provides information to the Crime Stoppers tip line will receive the reward for their cooperation.

“Since the first robbery occurred involving two of our students in the early morning hours of Sep. 23, we’ve been working closely with the Brookline Police Department, both the uniformed branch and investigative branch, to bring these suspects in,” he said.

Brookline PD Chief Daniel O’Leary said he thinks the suspects in the third and second robberies are connected, pointing to footage of suspects in the third robbery on Friday.

O’Leary called attention to two suspects in the footage, one wearing a gray sweatshirt and one in a red sweatshirt, who he said he believes are the same suspects involved in the Sep. 25 robbery.

“The fellow with the red, he’s the one with new Air Jordan sneakers, with a red sweatshirt, who was involved in the second armed robbery,” he said. “He has a black backpack and is described as having braces on his teeth.”

O’Leary also called attention to a suspect with a purple backpack wearing a gray T-shirt and sweatshirt with a number “6” on it.

O’Leary said police believe the robbery occurs in a short period of time after suspects walk out of camera view.

“As they go out of camera view, there is a gap there where we’re not seeing them at all,” he said. “The robbery, we believe, takes place during that gap, and then we see them in the next clip moving at a quick pace the way they came, heading up to Pleasant Street and eventually out toward Commonwealth Avenue.”

The police have not ruled any connection between these incidents and the first and fourth robberies, O’Leary said.

“We just aren’t really prepared right now to come out and say that,” he said.

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