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Wrestling team ceasing varsity- level competition

Monday night, Boston Unviersity Director of Athletics Mike Lynch announced that the BU wrestling team would cease competition at the varsity level after the 2013-14 season.

The athletes on the roster next season will be allowed to transfer as soon as they desire, per NCAA rules. The school will help those who want to transfer and will honor the athletic scholarships of those who will not be able to compete for all four years of their time at BU.

This year’s squad had 11 juniors, so the Department of Athletics allowed the team to continue one more season at the varsity level.  BU coach Carl Adams has led the wrestling program for the last 32 years. In that span, he has led the Terrier squad to 10 conference titles, with the last of those coming in 1994. Throughout his coaching career he has compiled 324 wins, which ranks fourth among active coaches in Division I wrestling. Adams won 301 of those while coaching the Terriers.

While coaching the team this year, Adams led BU to a fourth-place finish in the Colonial Athletic Conference Championships.

Three of his wrestlers competed well enough this season to earn spots in the NCAA Championships in Iowa. Juniors Nestor Taffur and Kevin Innis, as well as freshman Dane Harlowe, qualified for the NCAA Championships.

Taffur led the Terriers in Des Moines, Iowa, as he took two victories with him in his first appearance at the NCAA Tournament, defeating wrestlers from the Air Force Academy and the University of Wyoming.

Innis and Harlowe rounded out the Terriers at the competition, and they each won one of their three matches.



  1. This is ridiculous. Mike Lynch’s employmeny with the university should be “ceased,” and wrestling should continue.

  2. I agree this is ridiculous. The sport is about as low cost as it can get, and attracts great student athletes who add a lot to the community. BU should drop hockey instead.

  3. This is another example of how Title IX is harmful to boys. Wrestling is one of the most popular sports in high schools across the country. It is inexpensive to run at the collegiate level but does not bring in money to the schools. It is an easy sport to erase in order to meet title IX quotas and has been killed of at many many universities. I am all for equality and helping girls attain everything they desire athletically, just like I am for boys. Many boys work hard and sacrifice their young years to become wrestlers. They should not be punished for political correctness, involving arbitrary quotas, in an attempt to attain a type of pseudo-equality.