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LETTER: Roe v. Wade anniversary

To the editor,

Jan. 22 marked exactly 41 years since Roe v. Wade made legal abortion the law of the land. Yet, politicians across the country continue to chip away at access to abortion. This concerted effort by politicians whose goal is to eliminate all access to safe and legal abortion is unacceptable.

My generation simply won’t stand for it. According to Public Religion Research Institute, six in 10 young Americans believe abortion should be available in all or most cases, and 68 percent believe it should be available in their own community.

That’s why I’m a member of Planned Parenthood Generation Action. Generation Action is a diverse movement of young people who are organizing across issues to achieve reproductive freedom. Here at BU, I work with BU Students for Reproductive Justice to educate our community and advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights.

On this 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, BU SRJ reaffirms our commitment to the fight for reproductive freedom. In that fight, we dedicate ourselves to addressing diverse issues like poverty, immigration reform and racial justice that are deeply connected to the fight for reproductive justice.

The only way we can make progress is if we stand together.


Kanisha Hans


Boston University Students for Reproductive Justice

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