PRESS RELEASE: The Daily Free Press announces fundraising campaign

November 10, 2014


For 44 years, The Daily Free Press has been covering city and campus news as the only independent, student-run newspaper at Boston University. The FreeP was formed in response to the Kent State University shootings in 1970, and has since covered such historic events as the founding of Facebook and the Boston Marathon bombings. For its print news coverage in 2013, The FreeP was named third-best all-around daily student newspaper in the northeast region by the Society of Professional Journalists. Each day, eager, talented students write, edit and publish stories for this publication. Some work as much as 50-hour workweeks, completely unpaid.

Now, The Daily Free Press’s presence is at risk. After accumulating nearly $70,000 in debt over the past several years, our publisher, Turley Publications, has threatened to cease publishing the FreeP. If a large portion of this debt is not resolved by December 31, 2014, Boston University will no longer have a print newspaper.

Recognizing that our print model was no longer monetarily feasible, the Board of Directors of The Daily Free Press decided to change to a weekly print cycle with an emphasis on daily online content during the 2014-15 academic year. We have cut our costs by 80 percent, but our debt from former cycles remains.

Believing that we can now proceed as a self-sufficient company, we have decided to begin a fundraising campaign. Using #FreePFund and a gofundme campaign, we are seeking to spread awareness of our predicament. More importantly, we ask all BU affiliates including students, family members of students, alumni or alumnae, friends of the university, Boston residents, readers of the FreeP and general supporters of student journalism, to consider donating to The Daily Free Press. All contributions are highly appreciated. The direct link to the campaign is

With your help, The Daily Free Press can continue to provide invaluable learning opportunities for students, as well as timely, accurate and impactful news coverage to the entire Boston community. Thank you.

Kyle Plantz
Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Free Press

Tyler Lay
Chair of Back Bay Publishing Co.

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