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NGAI: Meninism: Making a Mockery of a Movement

My oh my, the meninist movement has got me feeling like we’ve all taken a step back from the progress we’ve made toward equality. When I first heard of the movement, I thought it was some sort of skit or joke that Saturday Night Live had come up with. Upon realizing that it was a joke turned into a serious thing, I was in shock.

In what world is celebrating misogyny an acceptable thing to promote and support?

As I scrolled through the meninist hashtag on various social media platforms, I was appalled to see the posts that were being made. I felt as if I had delved into some sort of anti-feminist hell (which basically is what it was) and I would need a lot of rope to get out.

Most of the posts were about how men too have real curves and questioned why men must open doors and pay for dates. Some posts were even more extreme (and hard to see that they even exist), parodying anti-rape posters. It was extremely frustrating to see the work that feminists have been doing being erased by a group that had no legitimacy.

I felt like what brought about these meninists is the lack of education and understanding that men (and just people in general) have about what feminism is. I cannot stress enough that feminism is about equality between the sexes. It is about females gaining the unseen privileges that men have had for decades. It is about females being able to be whomever they want, without receiving backlash from society.

So, let’s address the meninists issue by issue. The first thing I saw was that real men have curves too and that women should date men under 6 feet. What I saw was a lot of hate from men having to accept a woman’s body and not having it be reciprocated. The most popular example that the meninists used of men being objectified was the movie “Magic Mike.”

Now, I can’t say that they’re wrong in this aspect. Yes, men can be and are objectified. But it is not to the degree and frequency that women are. I found it problematic that most of these posts regarding men’s body images were almost always directly related to their interactions with women. Their feelings were hurt by rejection, and in all honesty, it felt like an attack on women who didn’t want to date them.

As for opening doors, I’m pretty sure that anyone who has manners will open the door for someone else. Opening doors is not just done by men. Nice people everywhere do it. I think this too can apply to paying for dates. I would like to think we’ve come to a point in time where two people can discuss this issue in a civil manner without World War III erupting at the dinner table. (Side note: maybe if women weren’t paid 78 cents to every dollar a man makes, we could pick up the check more often.)

The last and most troublesome part of the meninist campaign is their parody of anti-rape posters. Male rape is a serious matter, and I’m very aware that men must endure this horrendous act. Yes, females can rape males, but much of the time, it is men who rape women.

There aren’t large statistics on this due to the fact that men rarely report sexual assault. This is a serious issue that is not to be taken lightly, and as a feminist, I am against rape, no matter what sex or gender has been harmed.

The bottom line here is that no part of me will ever support the meninist movement. In all honesty, I believe that this campaign sprung up from a place of ignorance. These meninists have a warped and inaccurate view of what feminism is and what feminists are trying to achieve.

How can equality be achieved if men and women are constantly being pitted against one another? How can we expect change to happen if we cannot fight for it together?

Instead of playing a blame game, meninists should put away their ignorance and step up to the plate to bring about some real change. Change the way that society believes men should act and feel. Change the way men act and deal with sexual assault. Change the way our world treats women because it will help and not harm men.

I’d like for any meninists out there to think about the women in their lives. Think about your moms, sisters, cousins, teachers, etc. Then really think about the things you’ve tweeted or wrote. Would they be proud to see that you’ve said such hateful things? I’m pretty sure the answer here is no.

I believe that feminists here have a responsibility as well. We’re responsible for educating these meninists and showing them what feminism is really about.


  1. Dear Author,
    I express my deepest sorrow for your gender in this message. However, I would like to correct some wrongs in your article. First off, men are objectified and women always are saying how a male is hot and how they want to get the male’a attention. I see where you are coming from, but these things have become a norm in our society and it needs to be told how a male can also work towards getting the girl which is also a part of movies and drama in our media. What I am getting at is that women and men deserve to be treated equal and I agree with all work that feminists do. But in the words that the Meninism movement began by a rejection is outrageous. The movement began with some men not exactly loving when some feminists began making men feel bad. Women put men up to standards and I am not saying this because I am not extremely fit, but because men are put to be athletic, tanned, fit, skinny, tall, handsome, and masculine. I am neither tall, fit, tanned, athletic, or completely masculine. I would love to have women sit next to me in the workplace as equals and not a species. That can’t be achieved when saying all meninists are born out of spite, and they should be ashamed to face the women in their lives.

    Some of these things you may not agree with. I've faced too many feminists on twitter who annoyed the crap out of me. I'm done. I support neither group. Just like saying all Hispanics are from Mexico, central and South America. Or all Mexicans cut grass and do landscaping. You can't say all meninists are disrespectful and all feminists are particularly nice.

    I thank you if you made it to the end without hating me,
    Kevin Condo

  2. A former feminist,

    Sadly, this article is fairly misinformed.
    Quite frankly, meninism isn’t a real movement. It is satire. It was a joke many feminists have gotten upset over and have taken too far. And, if you believe that meninism is the celebration of misogyny, then feminism is the celebration of misandry, because meninism is directly parodying feminism.

    Also, take this into consideration, some of the most hateful, misogynistic, and backward people exist within the feminist movement. If you cannot see this, then you are willingly turning a blind eye to what is rampant misandry within the feminist movement. Why do you thinks so many women refuse to side with feminism? If you believe it’s because of “internalized misogyny” or they “don’t know what they’re talking about” You are now part of the problem. People like this believe that a woman is not able to think for themselves, therefore this would make them a misogynist.

    Honestly, what rights do women lack that men have? Because I can name several that men don’t have that women have. Because in first world countries the courts favor women. The legal justice system favors women. And please don’t tell me that women are paid less than men. This has been disapproved multiple times. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 made that illegal and if you feel you are being paid less or discriminated against because of your sex, you have the right for a case and probably a hefty settlement. The reason women are “seemingly” paid less is because women often times work less, take more days off, etc. etc. And have different career choices. Simple research clarifies this.

    The spread of misinformation is quite a bit more annoying than a fake group made up by anti-feminists who have a fairly solid point.

    Now, when you mentioned how men’s views of objectification were the result of their interactions with women. Isn’t that quite obvious? Where do you think the views of objectification of women come from as well?

    You said that meninist shouldn’t play the blame game, but you also mention that it is mainly men who rape women. Quite truly, meninists are making a joke out of something that is truly problematic, feminism.

    All 3rd Wave modern feminists in first world countries have done is spread misinformation, lies, and harm others. What accomplishments have they made? Feminism is not educating people. How is trying to ban the word “Bossy” or banning “manspreading” helping women? How is parading around shirtless and screaming hateful things helping women who are truly oppressed, beaten, and destroyed in third world countries? How are those “this is what a feminist looks like” shirts saving those women in those countries who slave over them day after day making them in other countries? And you can say that “not all feminists are like that” but you will never address them. No one addresses these horrible excuses for feminists and I refuse to assume the title of a feminist until the rampant hate and ignorance within the movement is dealt with.

    It’s a shame that some people are so blind.

    A Former Feminist

  3. How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

    Only one. They firmly grasp the light bulb and wait as the world revolves around them.

    Sound familiar?

  4. You know Robin you should really quit trying to be a writer and go back to gargling your father’s nutsack.

  5. Ignore the idiot anti-feminists on here, Robin. you made some good points.

    Women partaking in the meninist movement, frankly have internalized misogyny. I’ve met enough of them to know.

    And unfortunately, while I’m a Feminist, I don’t have much hope for the movement and women, since so many women hate each other and are more concerned with siding with and pleasing men. So, I doubt equality will ever be reached.
    And P’ Gauge..your mother should be so proud to have a disgusting little creep like you for a son. Bravo.

  6. “If you believe it’s because of “internalized misogyny” or they “don’t know what they’re talking about” You are now part of the problem. People like this believe that a woman is not able to think for themselves, ”

    I have to comment on this and the other posters because I have to laugh at it. Oh Please. Do you really think these women are thinking for themselves and not just doing it to score points from the manosphere? Internalized misogyny is exactly what’s going with these silly women posting photos of themselves in the “meninist” shirts, or posting photos of themselves kissing their boyfriend who’s wearing a meninist shirt. Their just doing what a lot of women have been socialized to do: throw other women under the bus and go against each other in the name of appeasing the men. Their trying to appease the a*holes they are with. nothing more.

    “The movement began with some men not exactly loving when some feminists began making men feel bad”. Aw. well, feminism is about equality, not about coddling men’s fragile egos. Maybe men need to change their behavior than whine about the “Feminazis”