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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In Response to DFP’s Jan. 28 Editorial

Thank you members of the editorial board. You expressed some interesting ideas. I respond with respect.

I think you are profoundly wrong about our Constitution and medical system. I have read and learned much about our American values and the Constitution itself and have been a physician for decades. I think your views reflect the culture war we are having — a war between the values of leftism and those of Americanism. Our colleges and universities have become bastions of leftism. And indeed you are correct: value systems have great consequences. Read Dennis Prager’s “Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Flourish” or Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” for a start. Watch a few of Prager University’s five-minute talks on the web.

The Constitution is essentially no different than the Visa charge slip you sign for your iPhone 6. It’s a legal contract pledging you will act in accord with its provisions. We signed one at our founding. We have a moral obligation to follow it. It’s called the American Constitution. You don’t get to wake up some morning in your dorm and let us know you sort of don’t feel like paying your Visa bill. It’s the same with the Constitution. You either live in an America with standards and laws, or you don’t. And just because James Madison lived 200 years ago doesn’t negate in any way that his words and values are exponentially more binding, moral and wise than the words or opinions of Mr. Obama or Justice Ginsburg.

And as you may or may not have learned in college, there is beautiful thing within Article V. There, it gives you two ways to amend it. If you, on the editorial board, don’t like that the Constitution provides no power for the federal government to demand John in Alaska pay for the healthcare of Mary in Florida, then by all means, work at amending our contract. Have it empower our enlightened ones in Washington to do what most students who embrace leftism want. Let is say clear and right out of Karl Marx, “The Enlightened politicians and bureaucrats in Washington are hereby empowered to take from all according to their abilities and give to all according to their needs.” We are doing that now through unconstitutional policies and actions of our leaders. Do it honestly, lawfully and maturely by amendment. Then stand back and really watch America collapse with leftism clearly enshrined and empowered in our founding legal contract, the Constitution.

Lastly, your comments reflect either a deep ignorance of economics and healthcare from an American value perspective or a rejection of them. I suspect, like most students, you have not learned much if anything about the greatness or morality of free market capitalism and simply embrace the Leftism of your typical professor, our Democratic party and the New York Times OpEd Page. It’s a tragedy this educational void at our schools.

Obamacare will do to medicine what all top-down, centralized, hard-fisted government-run economic systems do. They massively drain our liberty and freedom. They waste huge amounts of money. They crush the dignity of the free, strong American and turn him into a dependent of the State. They crush bounty and replace it with shortages and rationing. They hurt the poor the most. They powerfully reduce excellence and efficiency. But for the left, consequences rarely matter; childlike utopian words and values matter — basically free stuff for everyone from the anointed in government is what leftism says.

Check out Prager University’s last course on capitalism. Learning American values may have consequences. Your next editorial may sound like an American one rather than out of the editorial office of Moscow, Havana or Curacas [cis].

— Avrum Hirsh

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  1. Excellent response. Finally a voice of reason on a college campus.