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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In response to DFP’s March 30 Editorial

In an editorial March 30, 2015, “Mental Illness Stigma Still Up in the Air,” editors directed the term “stigma.”

Your words are too facile. You intend to speak about prejudice and discrimination, instead you employ both.

Why you direct a “stigma” ought interest you. It does me.

The simple answer to why you do is, as with earlier examples, you experience social permission to do so.

I, 77, once experienced social permission to utter stigma/rape. Other societies offered the same permission, different victims.

Harold A. Maio, retired mental health editor, 239-275-5798, [email protected]

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  1. I must commend your journalistic courage of offering fair criticisms to the MBTA’s financial failures when you cover or comment the news of this Byzantine institution. Keep up the good works!