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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In response to Sept. 22 Editorial

Thank you for your well-written and thoughtful op-ed. You say you need to draw the line on discrimination. But your line is itself highly discriminatory. You discriminate profoundly against the core American value of Liberty. In our private spaces, like our homes, clubs and businesses, we have the natural right of liberty. We can choose to hang out with whomever we wish. This gift from our founders adds great dignity, goodness and diversity to our lives. We control who we desire to associate with in the private domain. We do pay a price for such liberty — everything in life has a price. Many of the actions that result are nasty or vulgar, but the price is well worth the gain in freedom.

If the American who is gay wishes to start a private business, a gay dating service let’s say, he or she should be free to hire only Americans who are gay and market solely to other Americans who are gay. If a student who embraces the religion of radical secularism desires to start a club on campus only for other Americans who share his pagan religious views, that liberty should be tolerated. Even the racist Congressional Black Caucus’ freedom should be tolerated. It’s a private organization that only allows members who have a certain concentration of melanin in their skin cells. We don’t have to like such a racist organization, but this is America, and Americans are free to create such foul clubs.

Your way leads to tyranny. Your way leads to things like the leftist Democratic Party now even trying to regulate neighborhoods — telling us how much skin pigment, Latino ancestry and sexual practices are allowed to buy homes in our neighborhoods. It’s Orwellian. There will be 12.3 percent Americans with dark skin, 5.7 percent Americans who are gay, 0.3 percent of Americans trans-gendering in our neighborhoods. Your ways leads to the tyranny of modern day Europe where the enlightened ones in Brussels tell a private company how many ovaries and testicles and people with certain sexual practices may sit on a board of a private company.

People with American values chose liberty. People with leftist values choose the iron fist of the State ruling over us.

I say to you and the American Left, get out of our homes clubs and businesses and leave us alone to live life as free, autonomous and strong Americans.

Check out the great five minute courses at Prager University to hear much smarter people than me talk about this.

Avrum Hirsh, interested reader, 301-775-2177, avrumhirsh@gmail.com

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