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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In response to “Elie Wiesel: Not A Champion for Human Rights”

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To The Editor,

I was saddened to read the recent op-ed in the Free Press attacking Israel and Elie Wiesel. That someone with such profound hatred and ignorance should be attending BU is sad in and of itself. That this hatred should be broadcast to the larger community is troubling, but perhaps serves the purpose of demonstrating the character (or lack thereof) of anti-Israel groups at the university.

The writer chastises Wiesel for criticizing Hamas for using children as human shields to protect their rocket launchers when they are used to attack civilian populations in Israel. This practice has been well-documented. This is what Hamas does. This is not a lie or a distortion. So Wiesel is denigrated for … what, exactly, I am not sure. Telling the truth? Wanting to protect the lives of children?

I doubt the larger readership of this essay will be able to follow the piece’s twisted logic either. The piece fulfills its purpose of showing the moral vacuum inside the writer’s mind. Let the world see this and shake its head in sadness.


Peter Sultan, PhD, BU ’94, peterjsultan@aol.com

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  1. Thank you. Someone needed to write a response to such a terrible letter.
    However, this is not the fault of the Freep-the Freep believes in free discourse and should publish what is sent to them.
    It is, however, a reflection of such negative ideas perpetuated by Anti-Israel groups and the fact that this hatred and hate speech is permitted at BU is troubling.