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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Setting the record straight

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With the recent confusion regarding the Boston University Student Government, it is necessary for me to set the record straight. As Senate Chair, I am on the Executive Board and manage the Student Government Senate, which is the Legislative Branch of the Student Government.

  1. The Senate Chair does not control Cabinet. The Executive Board does. The impeachment letter against them alleges that they wrongfully terminated a cabinet member over the individual’s political beliefs. It has nothing to do with the Senate or myself and is not the focus of the impeachment hearing.
    1. I am proud of Senate’s leadership and our approximately 40 active Senators with the progress of passing substantial legislation including 16,000 Strong’s “Haze” awareness campaign and the mental health initiative.
    2. Our Senate committees are hard at work creating initiatives and legislation to benefit the whole student body.
    3. For more legislative successes: http://bustudentgov.org/about/
    4. To see the official investigation notes by the Judicial Commission: http://bit.ly/1MKW3dM
  2. There have also been many attacks recently on individuals within Student Government. I believe that individuals must be held accountable for their duties. Let’s strive to work collaboratively and aim for achievements.
  3. The Senators unanimously (36-0-0) found that there was enough evidence to move forward with an impeachment trial.
    1. The last finance report was done during our 4th meeting. We have had 7 meetings.
    2. The last Notes and Record compiled by the VPIA was done during our 1st meeting. Other individuals took all other notes.
    3. Note: all records are maintained here: http://bustudentgov.org/agenda/
  4. The Senate meets every Monday, unless there is an official holiday declared by the University. I know Hillel and other Senators cannot always attend due to religious obligations. Of course, they are excused.
  5. I believe in the Freedom of Speech and the Constitution. But creating a hostile work environment and an inefficient government that does not hold accountability with the Student Body is unacceptable.

I urge the Executive Board to lead. Strive for success and greatness. Enough with the attacks. Enough with the petty politics. Enough with the underhandedness. We were elected to be leaders. Let’s get back to business.

Stephen Chang
Senate Chair

P.S. The Impeachment Trial for the VPs of Internal Affairs and Finance will be held this Monday, 8 p.m. in PHO 211. The student body is welcome to attend.

One Comment

  1. “Enough with the attacks. Enough with the petty politics. Enough with the underhandedness. We were elected to be leaders. Let’s get back to business.”?

    Are you truly in a position to say that when you clearly engaged in these attacks, petty politics and underhandedness?
    You should have conferred your position as mediator of the trial to an unbiased individual seeing as you were extremely hostile to the student body present there. You gave clear priority to those who you were already acquainted with you by calling on them consistently. The student body had many more hands left and many more questions unanswered but you kept using your petty position of power to silence these voices. We were not discussing petty things. This was a matter about our representation at Boston University and you should have allowed every one of us to voice our grievances and put forth our questions. Senate and the Senate Chair had this responsibility and failed us.

    There were also prior personal relations between you and Senator Schwartz that make it difficult for us to see this as a fair and unbiased mediation on your part.