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Following closure of Crispy Crepes, many students, residents sad about loss

Crispy Crepes, a restaurant in Boston University’s South Campus, closed Oct. 31. PHOTO BY PAIGE TWOMBLY/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF
Crispy Crepes, a restaurant in Boston University’s South Campus, closed Oct. 31. PHOTO BY PAIGE TWOMBLY/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Crispy Crêpes Café, an eatery in Boston University’s South Campus specializing in French crêpes, closed on Oct. 31 after 13 years.

The following day, the owners moved out, leaving behind some equipment due to lack of storage space. Presently, a sign notifying the café’s customers of its closure is on the front door and a “for lease” sign is situated in one of the windows.

The eatery closed down after long-lasting issues with the landlord of its rented space, said Brahim Bendok, 50, of Medford, who co-owned the restaurant with his brother.

“The landlord never got anything [done],” Bendok said, referring to structural issues with the rented space. “It’s every year … the same problems with the building. Enough is enough.”

Bendok said the landlord neglected issues including leaks in the building every time it rained, which had been occurring since Crispy Crêpes Café first opened in 2002. Usually, Bendok said, his various complaints would go unnoticed. He said previous tenants of the shared rented space at 512 Park Drive also faced the issues he faced regarding the landlord’s failure to provide repairs. They eventually left for similar reasons, he said.

Despite its closure, Bendok said Crispy Crêpes Café is not gone forever.

“I’m looking forward to opening another [crêperie],” said Bendok. “It’s going to be, hopefully, close by because we wouldn’t want to go far from our customers.”

Bendok said he is optimistic about the possibility of opening a new location in the future.

“We are going to continue what we do best,” he said, “serve Boston University and around Boston University.”

Several BU students and community members said they will miss the café and its food.

Timmy Sheble-Hall, 24, of Fenway, said he recently moved to Boston in September. Living close to Crispy Crêpes Café’s late location, Sheble-Hall said he and his friend would end up grabbing dinner “50 percent” of the time at the restaurant.

“[I was] devastated when I called last night to get pick-up, the owner I think, said ‘Yeah, sorry, we’re not here anymore.’ My friend and I just sat and stared at the wall for 20 minutes,” he said.

Ivy Ryan, a senior in the College of Fine Arts, said she lives in West Campus, so it was a little far away for her.

“The first time I went to Crispy Crêpes was the summer when I was working in Boston. I was working through the university and I went there with one of my bosses for a lunch meeting,” she said. “I thought it was pretty good. I had the Nutella crêpe and I thought it was really delicious.”

Joseph Flynn, a junior in the Questrom School of Business, said it is strange that the café closed because many South Campus residents enjoyed it, as well as many of his friends who met there often to eat.

“It was really good food. I liked their crêpes a lot,” he said. “That is mainly what I got. I got an omelet there once, and it was good food.”

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  1. I tip my hat to the Bendok brothers. Crispy Crepes at 512 Park Drive always offered great food and service, and it was a favorite for a lot of BU students, myself included. They established wonderful connections with the student population.

    I’m shocked to have found out that they closed, but at the same time, given the circumstances they’ve been facing, it’s not entirely surprising. Along with what was mentioned in the article, the GSU’s Union Court cafeteria delivered a huge hit to the business Crispy Crepes was getting. It was a shame BU never integrated a convenience or dining points system for such a long-standing restaurant.

    I wish them the best wherever their new location ends up being and hope to be a frequent visitor.