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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Response regarding SG decision

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Earlier this week, a decision was made to remove two previously elected Student Government Executive Board members, Kimberly Barzola and Marwa Sayed; and for some reason, there is a public outcry on the “discrimination” on the “women of color” because of their differing political views. But the sad truth of the matter is, I feel discriminated against by the response.

As VP of finance and VP of internal affairs of Student Government, Barzola and Sayed, respectively, had duties to fulfill. I have never spoken to either of the two, so I cannot attest as to why they did not fulfill said duties, but the two had not kept up with their responsibilities; Barzola had not filed a finance report since the 4th meeting of BUSG (and the trial this week was held on the 7th), and Sayed failed to record notes on the meetings held by BUSG, so her job was handed off to other members of BUSG. It is my own opinion, and obviously the opinion of many others, that someone who does not meet the requirements of the position they hold, does not deserve to hold the position moving forward.

So why is everyone so outraged at the fact that these two were removed from office? There hasn’t even been a claim against these accusations, but what has been claimed is that the two were targeted due to their political views and public support for the Palestinian cause and condemnation of the state of Israel; a country that I am proud to call my home, and the home of my ancestors.

What appalls me is the fact that many students, on all ends of the political spectrum, find it appropriate to accuse BUSG and specific Jewish senators of discrimination because it happened to be that a Jew had filed the initial report against the two women. It appalls me that, regardless of the fact that there were clear grounds for dismissal, the student body still thinks it is acceptable to discredit what a Jew said, because he is a Jew. Well that is by no means acceptable; just because someone might be reporting someone who has a conflicting opinion, does not mean that the report has no merit. In fact, it feels as if I am actually living in the Middle East; a Jew cried wolf and no one believed him, even when he showed everyone the wolf.

The fact of the matter is that innocent Jews are being slaughtered left and right by Palestinian extremism in Israel daily, and the world is sitting idly by as if to say that there is no merit in those claims. It feels all too similar. In essence, what people are telling me, and the entire Jewish community here at BU, is that I am not allowed to report a violation that a pro-Palestinian, or Palestinian, student has committed because we have conflicting opinions. That is discrimination, that is racism, that is anti-Semitism and it should not be tolerated.

Ariel Lavi, alavi@bu.edu


  1. How can you decry that “innocent Jews are being slaughtered left and right” when the number of Palestinians and Israeli Arabs killed by IDF forces is far greater than the number of Israeli Jews who have died in the conflict.

    Both sides have responsibility for the conflict, and being against Israel’s occupation of Palestine is not anti-semitic. The only thing that is anti-semitic is ascribing the beliefs of the Likud Party and the Israeli right-wing to all Jews. You can be Jewish and be against Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Does this make those Jews anti-semitic? Isn’t that inherently oxymoronic?

    Israel’s foreign policy has nothing to do with Judaism, and when those who support the occupation of Palestine make it a holy cause, they only exacerbate a long conflict between two peoples who have already dealt with oppression for thousands of years.

    • Anyone who was killed by the IDF was a murderer or attempted murders that was or wasn’t successful in killing innocent Israelis. If you have 10 attackers who attack 10 victims and 1 is successful in murdering 1 victim but 9 are thwarted by being killed before they can kill anyone else, then yes, more Palestinians will be left dead because the IDF was protecting its civilians, that’s why its called the Israel DEFENSE Forces.

      And no Israeli-Arabs were killed by IDF forces because any Arab raised in Israel is actually educated and given human rights and would therefore never have the insane terrorist idea to murder innocent Israelis.

      And why are you even involving the alleged occupation? That is a completely different topic that is part of a much larger discussion. The author of this piece was simply talking about the hundreds of terrorist attacks that have taken place in Israel in the past few months and how it has nothing to do with the impeachment of two BUSG Senators that were not doing their job. Simple as that.

      • “Anyone who was killed by the [IOF] was a murderer or attempted murders”

        That is just not true from
        very first week when Israelis killed 2-year-old Rahaf in her own bed.

        But hey! Why not make stuff up right? That’s zionism at its core.

        • Try doing more research

          The difference is Israeli society completely condemned that attack. They labeled the Jewish attacker a terrorist, which he is. The Prime Minister, President and government as a whole condemned it. Netanyahu even called Abbas to give his sympathies. There were rallies and protests by Israelis clearly stating that there is no room in their country for acts like that. On the other hand, when a Palestinian commits an act like this (which happens infinitely more frequently), Palestinian society as a whole refuses to condemn it. President Abbas claims that every ounce of blood spilt for Jerusalem is holy blood. They call the terrorist a hero and a martyr. They name streets and squares after these people and then incite more violence. They teach their children, of all ages, that it is good and their duty to stab Jews. Clerics hold up knives in mosques to show and encourage stabbings. And then of course, Palestinian youth hear and see these things and decide to ram their cars into civilians, stab men, woman and children. IF YOU DO THESE THINGS AND TRY KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE, YOU WILL BE SHOT. Not hard to understand. If someone was coming at you with a knife, would you not defend yourself? You’re right, just get stabbed so that poor Palestinian terrorist doesn’t have to get shot. He wasn’t making it up. Israelis are being attacked everyday. And just so you know its the IDF not IOF. Defense not occupation. And they didn’t kill that boy- a radical Jewish terrorist did. But like I said, HE IS CONSIDERED A TERRORIST BY ISRAEL. Its time the Palestinians stop glorifying savages. Wouldn’t be surprised if you have never been to Israel. You clearly know nothing of Zionism. Only the garbage that your terrorist loving friends tell you.