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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In response to Student Government

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I am tired. I am tired of explaining myself to people who do not want to listen. I am tired of explaining that “No, we did not delay the task force because we wanted to keep our power as Senators.” I’m tired of explaining, “No, we didn’t impeach two women of color for being women of color and having opinions.” I’m tired of explaining, “We care about what is best for the student body and no, we don’t only care about what we want.” I am tired.

These last two weeks I have not slept. I have not done my schoolwork. I have considered taking a leave of absence from the university and I have considered resigning from my position as senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. I have been beaten down, subjected to angry emails, to shouting, to slandering with comments such as, “You are a token minority and hinder the progress of [people of color].” I have been shouted at to a point where I have burst into tears.

Why is this okay? Why is it okay for my fellow students to make me feel worthless? I am a student just like you.

I have seen the group “BU Students Against Silence.” I have seen the posts with the snide remarks about senators here and there and the posts reporting on what we have written with comments like, “Someone tell her to sit down” or “Someone tell her to go back to writing 100.” Why is that okay?

I’ve seen their plans. Someone said, “Don’t get constituents to talk to their reps.” That is sabotage. The senators are making an effort to reach out and represent you and you decide it’s okay to say things like that? You are a part of the problem and not the solution if you are seriously encouraging this.

Though they have the best intention, BU Students Against Silence is corrupt. One search of the hashtag #BUStudentsAgainstSilence on Twitter and you will see tweets full of misinformation and inaccurate statements of what happened. Here is a perfect example of a tweet that provides misinformation: “BU Stu Gov does not represent me; impeaching two women for having personal opinions blows my mind #BUStudentsAgainstSilence.” This is not what happened. This is not the truth. We senators saw two people who failed repeatedly to do their jobs and when given the chance to show up and do it they again failed us.

We need reform, but it has to come out in a constructive and civil way and right now I am not seeing that.

It’s time to cool down. It’s time to treat your senators with respect as we are juggling this with schoolwork and our personal lives. We are humans. We have feelings. I have feelings. So please consider them.

Anushka Pinto, anushka_pinto@hotmail.com, CGS’15 CAS’17

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  1. I am tired. I am tired of an illegitimate student government. I am tired of corruption. I am tired of being attacked for sending emails to my senators pleading with them to stand up for justice.

    I am tired of senators silencing WOC but not holding the Vice President accountable for his sexist photos. I am tired of senators attacking BU Students Against Silence. We will NOT be silenced any longer.

    In my opinion, if you are so tired of listening to your constituents then you can’t do your job.

    • Then stop saying “there’s the Jew” when people get up to speak in Senate.

    • I never said I was tired or listening to my constituents. I said I was tired of explaining things to people who refuse to listen to what I am saying. I am all ears and I will listen to to anyone. But part of having a discussion is the opposition doing the same for me. Listening to me. Not shouting at me for “impeaching two WOC with opinions.”

      • Your constituents in SAS are asking you to reform. Your comments, your letter, are so insensitive and condescending to those of us in this movement. Don’t call us ‘corrupt’ when Senate impeaches WOC for having political views. This letter doesn’t promote a progressive dialogue. It’s another attempt to silence us. You DO NOT represent me

        • Your response is appallingly out of touch and ironic. SAS roll their eyes at anything from a senator’s mouth. But most importantly you continue to believe this is an issue about race and political ideology when that is fundamentally, categorically, and flat-out untrue. They were removed because of repeated failures to perform constitutionally mandated tasks. Your refusal to believe this will lead only to gridlock in reformation of student government. The only answer here is compromise, and if SAS refuses to make compromises then you will never get the reform you seek, and that will be no one’s fault but you and your group’s.

        • No, we’re calling you corrupt because you’re actively discouraging political participation (and trying to write the constitution yourselves).

  2. To broadly describe all of SAS as being “corrupt” is incorrect. There may be some people associated with SAS that are mistreating Senators and are spreading misinformation due to the fact that they themselves are misinformed, but there is a fundamental difference between SAS and Senate – SAS is a loose coalition of students – there is no party line, no organized discussion amongst members. It is just a Facebook page that facilitates conversation (at least) or a loose group of students who have their own issues with student government (at most).

    Democracy is dirty. Sometimes there is misinformation – misinformation can be cleaned up. That does not mean democracy should not be at work.

    • “Associated”? Like your leader Marlo Kalb, the one who said “the Zionists” were behind Terriers Against Discrimination?

  3. You’re tired? Tired of being responsible for your actions?

    As a BU senator, you are responsible for explaining your actions to your constituents. Don’t write an oped to complain that you are tired, write an oped to further the discussion of the role of race and prejudice that exists in this campus.

    I understand your criticisms of the methods employed by SAS to seek change, but the solution is not to silence them, but to engage them in a more open and civil discussion.

  4. I would like to remind all of you that a system does not exist in a vacuum and that people make up a system. Representatives are always held to higher scrutiny and you best believe that when you make a highly controversial decision, people will be letting you know what they think. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be subjected to personal attacks, and I am sorry to hear that students have handled this poorly. At any rate, commentary regarding your decision and lack of competency as a senator hardly constitute “personal attacks”.

    Furthermore, please be reminded that not everyone speaking on a hashtag is representative of a group. Students Against Silence, as mentioned in the previous comment, is not a body that has pledged to be held accountable, it is a loosely defined coalition. Additionally, you are not my senator and don’t represent me any longer. You guys have broken all forms of trust with those of us who care.

  5. Good for you for speaking out! To be attacked for being a “token minority” is absurd, and it’s disgusting that people are dragging race into a student government that, whether you like it or not, is taking the time and effort to represent our students. Unless you’re willing to do the work they do instead of complaining and throwing around gross slurs, STOP harassing these senators. Anushka, when the hate becomes too much, just know there are many people at BU who DO support you.

  6. I support you Anushka! Stay strong and don’t give in!

  7. Thanks for speaking out and giving us perspective from the other side of the argument.

    Regardless of your views on the controversy at hand, at the end of the day, the senators are still our peers and human beings above all else.

    I definitely can’t say I agree with the impeachment, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for me or anyone else to bombard these individuals with flat-out inappropriate emails that bring issues such as the senator’s race, gender or other unrelated factors into the equation. Hate email is NOT the same thing as constructive criticism or feedback.

  8. In my opinion, all of these politicians are self-centered. If she really was fighting for the people, she would hold that VP accountable for his photos just like she condemned the Senate Chair on her own Facebook. The only reason she isn’t (and wrote this letter in the first place) is because she is positioning herself to run for E-board when elections come up….

    • This is the farthest thing from the truth. I do not plan to run for EBoard. I don’t know how you reached that conclusion, but you are wrong. Also, I have not seen the photos the VP has posted because I am not friends with him on his PERSONAL Facebook.

      • Are you saying that since the photos are on his personal Facebook they are not relevant to his position as VP?

    • Tinfoil hat, much?

  9. Why are people going crazy over so much non-sense. The senators are doing their best to help the students and then a bunch of liberal entitled wackos decided to cause problems. Let’s just move forward and stop harassing people. It’s just a college student board – STOP WHINING ABOUT NOTHING

  10. Very well said, I support and love you Anushka. Your dedication to student government is unquestionable and the student body is lucky to have you.