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OP-ED: A Student Government proposal riddled with anti-Semitism

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As many are aware, this past Monday, a resolution was proposed to BU Student Government to dissolve Senate and rewrite the constitution, since some felt they were not fairly represented in Student Government. I’d like to take this opportunity to explain to all readers what it was like for a Jewish student, such as myself, to attend this vote.

I felt harassed and unsafe. The meeting was attended mostly by (other than SG members), members of BU Students Against Silence. For those who are too naïve to see, this movement is just another name for BU Students for Justice in Palestine. The truth of the matter is that it is a movement founded and built upon hatred and it seeks to destroy SG, not fix it.

At the meeting, I was personally harassed and victimized by members of this movement.

Truthfully, the entire situation felt very reminiscent of the conflict between Israel and Palestine in which Israel seeks peace, and the Palestine Liberation Organization seeks more land. SG offered an amendment to the resolution that would allow for the Senate to continue running until a new constitution is ratified, but those who proposed the resolution essentially wanted all or nothing.

I’d like to end this article with a simple question: why are students only now feeling misrepresented when only two members of the more than 40-member SG were removed? Is it because they happened to share the same political views as you and now you want your votes back?

Ariel Lavi, lavi.ariel.95@gmail.com 

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  1. These people are ungrateful spoiled brats and scum, I know them well here on our liberal UCI campus. MSU would follow me, the sisters that is with their camera and put it in my face until I turned around and shoved it in one of their faces, then they backed off and laughed. I did on many occasion at the chagrin and warnings of the Jewish Federation and its associates, and other professors, Jewish, shout them down singlehandedly Funny the police wanted to arrest me, a OC mom with a kid, who came to listen to a Israeli panel, when these students showed up with photos of dead babies and placards reading Ariel Sharon is a baby murderer. I yelled back, and then came the full monty— women in burkas and men with prayer hats on carrying their Korans, were calling my son a monkey, me a pig, and making the slit your throat motion. This antisemitism is on the rise because our leaders are tolerating it. Since i 67 Israel our leaders, have been involved in the wholesale surrendering us piece by piece. Over time. Rights are being stripped at our own Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Jews are being knifed in the streets, and still there is no remedy. WHY This needs to be heard in Israel. Soon all Jews will be victims of rabid antiSemitism. If Israel doesn’t stand strong by doing the most brave act, annexing E1 and throwing out the E Jerusalem Arabs, we don’t have a chance

  2. I think you’ve got your countries mixed up. Israel is the one taking more and more land

    • Right… From the river to the sea? Sound familiar? You should stop reading clearly biased news outlets like MSNBC and CNN. They lie.

  3. As someone who was in attendance at the BU SG and BU Students against silence meeting, I can personally say that no one was making any comments regarding religion or ethnicity outside of a student who made a snipe towards BU SJP. Perhaps OP-Eds should be vetted prior to their posting for any sort of validity and not read as a soapbox argument about the Israel/Palestine conflict

    • If you read the original, you would note the rows behind me and in front of me. It clearly wasn’t shouted. And since when is SJP an ethnic or religious group? It is a political group that uses a pro-Palestinian label to carry out its anti-Israel (not the same as pro-Palestinian) and anti-Semitic agenda; of course I am going to make a ‘snipe’ at them.

  4. At the meeting, I was personally harassed and victimized by members of this movement. One person, sitting in the row in front of me, had the audacity to take a picture of me and write the caption “A product of white male privilege” before he posted it on his SnapStory. Others I heard whispering “That’s the Jew!” when certain BUSG senators spoke. When I told them that it was anti-Semitic to say such, they responded by hideously asking, “so now everyone is an anti-Semite?”

    • In fact, when those senators asked if they could abstain because of the harassment they had to endure due to their votes during the impeachment trial just a week ago (in which the specific votes were never released), they were harassed yet again by #BUStudentsAgainstSilence since it is, according to them, “part of their job description.”

  5. I definitely saw quite a bit of this. Thanks for speaking out.