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Stabbing near Medical Campus under investigation, suspect arrested

The Boston Police Department reported that a male suspect stabbed a male party at 774 Albany St. Friday at 7:52 a.m. The suspect was arrested at the scene and the incident is now under investigation, said BPD spokesperson Lt. Michael McCarthy.

McCarthy said the victim was stabbed with a “non-life-threatening injury” and said the victim was believed not to be affiliated with Boston University. The suspect was wanted on a warrant and has already been arraigned, McCarthy added.

At approximately 9:10 a.m., the BU Emergency Alert System informed the BU community of a stabbing at 774 Albany St. and declared the BU Medical Campus “Phase A,” since the incident happened within close vicinity of the campus.

“[The incident] happened by the neighborhood,” said BUMC spokesperson Gina DiGravio. “It didn’t happen on the campus per se, but we felt it was necessary to notify faculty, staff and students.”

A “Phase A” declaration notifies people to stay away from the area. It means the incident has just happened and the suspect has not yet been located, BU Police Department dispatcher Officer Dimitrios Michaelidis said.

DiGravio said the incident that happened at 7:52 a.m. was the same one alerted by the service.

“If there’s a delay, I apologize,” DiGravio said. “We have a liaison with the Boston Police, and these things just don’t happen quickly. We want to get out the correct information.”

The alert initially stated that the incident happened at 744 Albany St., outside the Barbara McInnis house. BU sent out a second alert at approximately 9:49 a.m., clarifying that the incident happened at 774 Albany St. and noted that the area was cleared.

The first alert described the suspect as “tall Hispanic male, dark clothing with a red hooded sweatshirt, wearing a white and red baseball cap and an over-sized green back pack.” McCarthy said he was “not at the liberty” to discuss or confirm the description of the suspect.

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