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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In response to “Massachusetts taxpayers, locals protest Trump on National Tax Day”

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I would bet the vast majority of students embraced the Tax Day protests you reported. It is because they are blinded to the forest for the trees. Certainly the concept sounds nice — all presidents should release their tax statements. But think about it. These are deeply private parts of a citizen’s life. Your neighbor has no fundamental right to know your private business. He has no right to know how much money you make and what you do with that money. If he has earned that money illegally or not complied with paying his taxes, then yes, the police should step in and deal with it.

Of course President Donald Trump is not only an ordinary citizen; he is also our president. But so what? We all know that any line in any tax statement may for political reasons be turned, spun, twisted and bent to tell any sort of narrative a political enemy wishes to tell.

Think about this scenario: “So Mr. Christianson, father of student Jonny Christianson at BU, pray tell us sir here at MSNBC, why on line item 165.89C do I see you deducted $2,507 for business car travel for the year. You were seen at a movie theater with your wife on a Tuesday afternoon last year in the car which you deducted. Were you committing fraud against the United States Government and if not, would you clearly identify every place that car was driven on said Wednesday last year?”

Let’s be honest, men and women. The tax protests are simply a political attack on Mr. Trump. They are a rant on the values of leftism being weakened by the elections all across America.

But such attack is merely a tree issue. The forest issue is much more important. Essentially every quote from the tax protesters you reported represented the value system of leftism. That is now the value system of the Democratic Party and almost all of our universities today. It is an awful, destructive, anti-American and anti-Western ideology. It is a value system that attacks Americanism on every front. Most importantly it is an attack on liberty. Republicans at their core just want to be left alone, left in freedom and left with a very limited restrained government. Republicans, with American values, believe in one country, one secure broader and one culture. Leftists (Democrats) want to control every part of our lives — want a huge, empowered, menacing and controlling government. That in a nutshell is what is going on all across America.

What the protesters are saying mirrors the values of our radical leftist former President, Mr. Obama. For the rare times he was honest, here regarding taxes he was very honest, that your private property really does not belong to you. After a certain point a man has earned enough. Remember that, young men and women? He said after a point defined by him, the enlightened one, that private property of yours is really his property. Your role as citizen is to go out and work and give him, now for many of us, over half of our hard and honestly earned private property and money. Then he, the enlightened one in government, will spend it as he sees fit. This is called slavery and soft tyranny. This is the forest most of you do not see. This leftism that has infected America is what you should be resisting and protesting, not a citizen’s right to his privacy. One person you quoted in your news piece about the tax protest said we should resist everything Donald Trump stands for. I’d say the opposite. We should be thankful that leftism was stopped, or at least halted for a while here in America.

Howard Sachs can be reached at hsachs@starpower.net

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  1. Thank you, sir, for exposing the amazing standards that the Daily Free Press has for opinion pieces.

  2. Hope students will take your opinions seriously. Excellent letter.