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Club sports at BU: From ultimate frisbee to hockey

BU offers a variety of different club sports students can choose to participate in. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

For those looking to continue a cherished high school sport or wanting to try something new, Boston University provides numerous sports at the club level for any athletic endeavor. These teams can be a great way for incoming freshmen and transfer students to make friends, stay fit and have fun.

BU offers 34 club sports that students can choose to participate in. Some students decide to play for fun while others practice for tournaments and other intercollegiate competitions. Club sports are not as intense as varsity athletics but provide a great opportunity to participate in organized sport competitions.  

Here’s a look at some of the club sports available:

Baseball: As a member of a the National Club Baseball Association, the BU baseball club competes against other schools in the North Atlantic-North Division area such as Boston College, Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Cricket: The BU cricket club was one of the founding teams of the American College Cricket. It currently competes in many out-of-state tournaments and against local schools in Boston.

Figure Skating: The BU figure skating club is a nationally ranked team with members of all levels and disciplines that compete in numerous competitions throughout the year. In March, the club was named the BU Club Sports’ Team of the Year.

Golf: The BU golf club had one of its most successful season yet. It placed first in two opening tournaments and qualified for its first the national championship. The club continues year-round and has weekly practices at the driving range.

Men’s Ice Hockey: The BU club ice hockey team is a part of the competitive Patriot East Division of the Northeast Collegiate Hockey Association and plays competitors around the Northeast. The team beat Northeastern University 9-0 in this year’s annual club Beanpot Tournament at the Walter Brown Arena to secure the coveted title for the first time in 10 years.

Women’s Ice Hockey: The BU women’s club ice hockey may be the newest club team this fall, but it isn’t the first. In 2005, the original team became a varsity level sport. Many players forming the club team have played local and regional high schools together for many years.

Men’s Rugby: The men’s rugby football club competes during both the fall and spring semester. The club predominately competes in the Division II League of the New England Collegiate Rugby Conference against five other teams in the area.

Women’s Rugby: The women’s rugby football club competes in the Northeast Women’s Rugby Conference and is a part of the American Collegiate Rugby Association. The club team plays 15s in the fall and 7s in the spring against other teams in the ACRA.

Sailing: The nationally-ranked BU Dinghy Sailors has boasted 33 All-Americans and three College Sailors of the Year since its inception. It also has gathered seven national championships.

Snowboarding: This club’s numbers reach over 150, and members of the BU Snowboarding Team hit the slopes together and participate in competitions such as the Southern Vermont series. Members also teach inner-city children how to snowboard as a part of the Burton Chill Program in the spring.

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee: BU’s men’s ultimate club practices three times per week, to prepare for weekend tournaments. Throughout the fall season, the team plays in local and regional tournaments, and in the spring the team participates in Ultimate Player’s Association’s College Championship Series.

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee: The women’s ultimate club encourages participation of players of all skill levels. Similar to the men’s schedule, the women’s team goes to local tournaments in the fall and bigger national ones in the spring. A few of the tournaments include Hammertime Ultimate, Bring the Huckus and Huck-A-Hunk-O’-Burning-Pumpkin.

Men’s Volleyball: This year-round club sport is part of New England Collegiate Volleyball League. Members of the team are expected to be committed to the team, and the team participates in regional and national tournaments throughout the year.

Women’s Volleyball: Tryouts for the team are in the fall, so brush up on your bumps, sets and spikes. The team competes in three to four tournaments in their league, the Northeast Women’s Volleyball Club League, every year.

BU also provides its students with sports at the intramural level such as basketball, flag football, floor and ice hockey, broomball, softball, volleyball, indoor soccer and wiffleball. Be sure to check out the Fitness Center page to find out more about the various club and intramural sports at BU.

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