Orientation 2017

FreeP — Orientation 2017

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Do not. I repeat. DO NOT buy your books from the BU bookstore (unless you NEED an access code or a book only printed at BU). There are so many other places you can rent or buy cheap books. Check out amazon.com, half.com, campusbookrentals.com, chegg.com…

Lexi Peery. Editor-in-Chief. COM 2019. Salt Lake City, Utah.

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On a trek down Comm Ave. (which you will walk up and down a billion times), walk through CAS when it’s too snowy or cold. You’ll still get down the street efficiently, and you’ll save your fingers from freezing for a few minutes.

Elise Takahama. Managing Editor. COM 2019. South Pasadena, California.

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Get a huge desk calendar and fill it in with all your assignments for the week/month so you’re forced to look at them and not procrastinate.

Rachel Duncan. Layout Editor. CGS 2017, COM 2019.  San Jose, California.

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Become a dog walker while at school — it helped satiate my need to pet dogs.

Chloe Grinberg. Photo Editor. CGS 2017, COM 2019. Manalapan, New Jersey.

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Bring Tupperware to the dining hall to steal food. I also love using my student ID to get a 15 percent discount at my favorite store, Madewell.

Grace Hagerty. Opinion Editor. CAS 2018. Washington, D.C.

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My favorite college hack is sitting on the back patio of the GSU to study during the first three weeks of school when it’s sweltering.

Allegra Peelor. Blog Editor. COM 2018. Redondo Beach, California.

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Become friends with the security guards in your building. They are are a great resource to have in the event you need something or you forgot your ID in your room.

Matt Martin. Sports Editor. CAS 2019. Suffern, New York.

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Always keep your student ID handy to score secret student discounts at a bunch of places!

Lauren Frias. Features Editor. COM 2020. Chicago, Illinois.

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Do as much homework as possible between classes, because it’s harder to get work done with your friends around at night!

Till Kaeslin. City Editor. COM 2020. Weston, Connecticut.

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Invest in a portable phone charger. When you’re out and about, having one in your bag comes in handy.

Alana Levene. Campus Editor. COM/CAS 2020. Randolph, New Jersey.

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