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Miss Leading: Pray the creeps get exposed: How Drake could help men understand the need to protect human rights

In Drake’s song “Know Yourself,” he says “Pray the fakes get exposed.” This past week though, it wasn’t the fakes who got exposed, but the creeps. A few days ago, while performing his set at the Marquee in Sydney, Australia, Drake called out a man who was groping a woman at the concert. While his threat was a little aggressive and indicative of violence, the fact that he stopped his concert just to tell a man to leave a woman alone is still extremely important.

In this day and age, when so many women are coming forward about the men who have harassed them, it’s vital for men to understand that they have an important role in this issue as well. It’s so powerful that so many women have come forward and shared their stories, but for this movement to be heard, there needs to be support and understanding on both sides.

I think most women can relate when I say that it can be so annoying and frustrating when men choose to harass women. However, it’s so appreciated when men stand up for women rather than just tearing us down. I hope what Drake did on Thursday will be reciprocated with more men regardless of whether they are celebrities or just normal people.

Unfortunately, our world is still not equal between men and women, so it’s crucial (and chivalrous) that more men stand up for women, because ultimately, that’s what will create positive change. I hope more men will come forward when they see injustice, rather than making situations uncomfortable. This is why the HeForShe campaign is really valuable.

The campaign is a way for our country and our world to eventually reach gender equality. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s actually incredibly empowering when we stand together. This is not just an issue of women’s rights — it’s an issue that affects all of our rights as humans. If more people took action like this, sexual assault wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it currently is. The words and actions of one can influence and empower the lives of the many.

While there was a lot of praise for Drake, people also took into account that one of Drake’s bodyguards and good friends, was accused of human trafficking and harassment — and Drake backed him up. The problem is that most people are scared to call out gropers and harassers because of what the consequences might be. However, if more people stood up against these abusers and harassers, regardless of how much they care about the person who did it, the world would be so much safer.

In order for there to be justice for women, there needs to be action from men as well as women. With the Harvey Weinstein case (and other cases in Hollywood), a lot of people have come forward with their stories. However, as it’s been noted numerous times, sexual assault doesn’t just happen in the film industry, but also literally anywhere else — especially music events. If artists start talking about these issues at their own shows, and stood up against the harassers in their daily lives, imagine the progression that could happen.

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