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Letter to the Editor: An open apology from some random kid in a frat

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Dear BU community,

My name is Sam Sharon. I’m a junior in the College of Engineering, and I’ve been an active member of BU’s Theta Tau chapter for two years. For those of you who don’t know, Theta Tau is a co-ed professional engineering fraternity with chapters at schools nationwide. This past week, a video was leaked of Syracuse University Theta Tau members acting incredibly racist, sexist and overall xenophobic.

Before I continue, I’d like to bring up the point that I am writing this on behalf of myself only, and my words do not reflect the official opinion of Theta Tau. So, though I’m sure most of my chapter would agree with my sentiment, I ask that you direct all comments and criticisms of this piece to me personally, and not to the organization.

I am writing this in an attempt to begin apologizing for the bigoted words and actions of the Syracuse chapter. Even though the BU chapter was not involved in this act, we share the same Greek letters as those who were. As such, we also share culpability.

I am writing to ensure you that BU’s chapter of Theta Tau embraces and celebrates diversity in all of its forms. We believe that there is more to learn from people who are different from us than from people who are the same. We also know that only through seeking viewpoints that differ from our own can progress and innovation arise. As a chapter, we are committed to inclusivity and open-mindedness. And so, once again, I would like to apologize for the hatred that came out of our Syracuse chapter. No words can describe the utter disappointment I felt when I saw those guys using racial slurs as if they were punch lines.

Now, I know that an apology from me doesn’t carry much weight at all. I don’t expect anyone to read this and think, “Everything’s cool now, that kid Sam said he’s sorry.” So why am I writing this? Well, first of all, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is apologizing for this, and that’s just wrong. So I’d rather you get my insufficient attempt at an apology than to have this go unaddressed (but you can add your opinions on that in the comments). Secondly, I have devoted too much of my time to Theta Tau to allow a group of low-lifes from upstate New York ruin what it means to be in this fraternity. Theta Tau was built on the pillars of service, professionalism and brotherhood. There is no room for hate here — not in my fraternity.

Sam Sharon


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  1. I don”t know that they”re “letting him switch but seeing as it”s not an IFC frat that he”s in now, the IFC frats don”t have to recognize his affiliation and can thus offer a bid. So more of a loop hole than “letting.