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East to West: The Cost of College

Back in 2016, The Daily Free Press reported on a social media movement, called #PoorAtAPrivateUniversity. The students who started it wanted to express their frustrations with the financial aid process and protest tuition hikes. Has anything changed?

On special edition of East to West, you’ll hear from three students who feel the strain of attending an expensive, private university. For these students and others, making college financially feasible requires considering more than just the cost of tuition. Today’s episode tells their stories.

You can read more about the stories mentioned in this episode at the following links:

COM to eliminate most computer labs, institute Bring Your Own Device policy:

BU student group voices tuition concerns, university hopes for communication, understanding:

Students, staff discuss stress of financial aid in open discussion:

Questrom senior’s incident with Student Accounting Services highlights struggles of low-income students:

This episode originally aired on April 23, 2018. 

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